So fed up

I’m so fed up. I’ve had the worst chest muscle spasms u cud ever imagine since 9am went to hospital as cudnt get a GP appointment just to see if anyone could give me some baclofen as I’ve herd it’s good. All they did (which they dome a year ago) was check my heart and take bloods! It’s not my heart!! Why won’t anyone listen! It feels like labour in my chest!! I rang doc and doc was like well the hospital didn’t give u any so u don’t need them even though the hospital said the reason was it was A and E and the didn’t have any to give out! I’m so sick of being ignored! Going to see private neuro in Sept but wtf am I spost to do till then. If the private neuro finds something conclusive I will be sevestated but at least I won’t be ignored anymore

Are you sure it’s not the ‘Hug’


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I know that it is the hug that’s the problem no one else cares or even thinks it’s a thing! I’m still in agony now they gave me dosnt touch it I just want doctors to listen to me they just don’t, I had to leave work today as I couldn’t stop crying in pain sat in hospital for 4 hrs hoping they wud give me baclofen n they gave me codine and it does nothing x

Thank you ggood you have been so lovely and helpful to me since I joined this site it means a lot x


Hi Michelle, when I first had the ms hug I had it for 3 weeks and nothing I took got rid of the pain. I sympathise with you as I am too am having trouble getting my neurologist to listen to me. We know our own bodies. I hope you do get the help you need. Marjie x

Hi, I didnt get baclofen from my GP…I doubt they can give it without a speciailist prescribing it first.

What I did and found the best drug ever for severe nerve pain, was amitriptyline…but it isnt for the hug.

Is this chest pain your only symptom? The A & E doctors would be more concerned your heart was ok and baclofen isnt their first thought.

I had to have a heart check because of pain in that area, which turned out to be acid reflux, which was very painful.

The private neuro will prescribe what he thinks is appropriate and order tests, if he thinks it necessary.

Unfortunately GPs and neuros dont like us telling them what we think is wrong with us.

Please try to do deep breathing when the pain comes. It can help.


Yeh my pain is still unreal I have what feels like muscle spasms and stabbing pain in my pelvis just incase the chest pain wasn’t enough… went to docs Monday and she gave me stomach tablets and has sent for an ultrasound of my pelvic and stomach area. She told me if pain killers are not working stop taking them as it makes me feel worse (sleepy etc) so I now have lots of pain and no pain relief at all :frowning: only 8 and a half weeks till I see the neuro…really hope he can figure things out for me. And no boudica this isn’t my only ‘symptom’ I’ve two numb toes,tingling and pain down left shin, neuralgia in right cheek, cold sweats, internal tremors, pins n needles in left ankle bone…I’m sure there is more…

Hi Michelle

just picking up on what Polls said about deep breathing - I’ve only had the hug one time (and that was enough thanks very much), had it for 8-9 days and I found the only way to ease the pain enough to move was to breathe in as much as I could hold, then move, then breathe out And repeat.

Obviously you can’t do that all day but it helped me e.g. to get out of a chair/bed and go to the loo then get back to the chair/bed.

I guess ‘normal’ deep breathing may relax you a little and be of some help.

Hope you get your Baclofen soon,

AngC x

Mich your description of ‘labour in your chest’ describes perfectly what I’ve been experiencing daily for over 5 months now. My gp gave me a prescription for Amiltryptiline and an apology that he couldn’t help as isn’t sure what’s causing it!

I was first referred a year ago now and am still waiting a dx but am seeing a new neuro at the end of the month who happens to be an ms specialist so am impatiently awaiting that appointment.

In the meantime I wake in the early hours of every morning with an excruciating tight band around my ribs which pulses in waves and takes my breath away. Pretty much all day is now spent with aching ribs. Paracetamol and ibuprofen don’t touch it.

Thanx I will try the deep breathing Angc :? And Yeh apart from 6 gabapenton a day I’m going cold turkey so in pain all day. It has stopped waking me up now so must be improving slightly but now kind of just feels like my chest is being crushed with the odd sharp pain added to the pot. Hope you don’t wait too much longer for your neuro app BeGrBe…the waiting is mentally draining! Is good you had an apologetic GP though I spose…duno how u have coped 5 month I’ve had this 6 days (lasted 5 days about 14 months ago) and I’m going insane. Do you find the amiltryptiline works?x

oops I meant 5 weeks not 5 months! Although sometimes it feels like the latter. My neuro appointment is on the 31st July so only 19 more days to go although I’m seriously struggling now with lack of sleep and still having to work each day.

I doubled the dose of Amiltriptyline and whilst it’s still waking me early everyday the waves/contractions have decreased in severity but seem to have swapped to an all day ache instead. Who prescribed the Gabapenin for you? Last time I saw the neuro I was given Pregabalin for leg cramps but I stopped taking it as I felt like a zombie on them.

Awh ok 5 weeks is still long enough! Yeh thats what this is like now a dull ache all accross the middle of my chest with the odd intense stab… i was going to wrk in tears so last weeek after a mega break down in the GP surgery they signed me off for 8weeks…I’m just in pain at home now but at least if i need a cry im not looking like a dick head in front of everyone lol.gabapenton was prescribed by a GP she said it wud help with nerve pain x

BeGrBe please let me know how u get on x