Slap In The Face from DWP

After waiting more than six months for a decision, I’ve been turned down for PIP. I can’t walk without sticks, and then only short distances. I have a wheelchair for anything further. I can only drive short distances. I am in constant pain. I need supervision to cook. I need help washing and drying my hair. I could go on but I won’t bore you further. I’m told a case worker will phone me between 6th and 13th May, at which point it will be 7 months since my application. I’m told I may need to provide more evidence to appeal, despite sending detetails of all clinicians involved an my physical and mental care, and letters, test results etc. And having to endure a one to one assessment with Atos. I’d heard so many stories like mine that I should have been prepared but it felt like a slap in the face. I feel like I’m being accused of lying about my condition, or that am undeserving of help. As if this horrible illness isn’t stressful enough. How are you supposed to keep finding the strength to fight MS when it takes everything you’ve got to fight for some help from the state?? Devastated. Kaz xx

Kaz, im so sorry. Your dificulties mirror mine and im expecting my results by next Thursday.If thats the result you got, I dont hold out much hope for mine. Im not sure im strong enought to appeal.huge huhs love. xx

Oh Daz. That is terrible.

You must appeal. I was turned down for DLA originally, then appealed and got high for care and mobility. I never understood how they could have said no to DLA then awared high for both following appealing.

Please appeal.

Shazzie xx

Have courage Kaz.

I know it is terribly disappointing when you get knocked back by the DWP but you have to gird your loins and battle on. Lots of people are successful at appeal and you will be too.

The first thing that will happen is someone from DWP will contact you to discuss the decision and give you the chance to give more information (Don’t hold out much hope of success here – this rarely happens) The next thing is that you need to ask for a Mandatory Reconsideration. You can do this by phone or by letter and give your reasons for asking (ie that you DO meet the criteria and why) You can include additional evidence like Drs letters. Keep your eye on the time limit. I am concerned that if they don’t contact you until May 13 you will have little time left to request your reconsideration. You could do it at that telephone call so be prepared to make the request if the conversation is not fruitful.

If you are still not happy after Mandatory Reconsideration you need to apply for an appeal using form SSCS1 (available on line if they don’t send you one)
You need to do this within one month of the date on the Mandatory Reconsideration response and send that response with your form.

Good Luck – MS must make us strong because we have to fight for every damn thing.


Wendels, is the mandatory Reconsideration something you fill out and send off or a meeting you attend?.

BC x

Well said Jane.

Shazzie xx

I’m sorry to hear this Kaz

Excellent advice from Jane.

Please don’t give in, you must appeal. I’m still on DWP…I had to appeal and it took months to sort out but I got the high level in the end.

Does it have to be phone conversations? My husband acted for me with the DWP claim and said letters only, due to me and my problems with confusion.

Don’t let them grind you down.


if its not been mentione, ask for a copy of the report as well so you can see exactly what was written and any evidence they had. I was turned down, asked for a copy while appealing and saw that the reason I was turned down was because there really was no evidence I had Ms because they wrote to my medical centre for MS evidence and they don’t really deal with me and my MS, so had them write to my MS nurse to get evidence, won the appeal. Had hubby deal with the DWP after sending them a form saying he could due to my cognitive issues

Hi Kaz, I understand that feeling having been there too!

My recommendation to you is to request a copy of the ATOS report when you get the call - mine contained a lot of errors, so it was useful when requesting the Mandatory reconsideration. I found the phone call pretty pointless to be honest. If you have their report then you have the reasons already!

Oh yes, read the report from DWP carefully too - mine had a major clanger in it that was not contained in the ATOS report either… a copy & paste mistake? Apparently I said I flatly couldn’t walk 30m unaided! Which was funny cos ATOS said I walked from the car park, which is also untrue!

Actually, I got out of the car as we were stuck in traffic and the office we were meeting at had double-yellow lines outside - so I got out of the car and crossed one side of it - so actually about 20m.

My husband was so angry at the report that we’re appealing despite the fact that they agreed to pay after all. He’s the one that picks me up when I fall and makes me promise not to attempt things. Yes, I’m still working but that’s with being driven to and from the office etc. etc. I had 2 falls last week, one in the shower (a full on feet off the floor effort) and again when I let someone pass and how can you explain that?! I stepped back and whoosh, the moment I tried to move again… I was lost, my legs wouldn’t work and over I went.

OK, I’ll shut up now, as I could rant for ages! Seriously Kaz, look at their website as there are the measures that they should use when considering each part. Like with walking, reliability is a key factor etc.

Good luck Kaz, feel free to PM if you want

Sonia x

A Mandatory Reconsideration is what used to be called asking the DWP to look at the decision again. Basically you are stating your disagreement with their decision and asking them to reconsider. You can add addition information at this stage (this is new) You don’t have to attend anything. Unlike the old system there is no form at this stage you just telephone or to write the DWP asking for it.

You have to go through this process before you can appeal to tribunal. In the past you could go straight to appeal but now you have to include the mandatory Reconsideration decision with the appeal form or it will just be sent back.

Thanks love

You guys are all awesome!! You’ve given me some fantastic advice and I feel like I can definitely fight this decision and win. I really appreciate all the support. Thank you so much!! Kaz xxx

I sent the letter registered post notifying them I wanted a mandatory reconsideration, as it all seemed alittle bit vague when I phoned them.

Sonia x

One to one does not mean that you are on your own. Take someone to support you, also to take notes or record the conversation so that you can listen to it afterwards.

It is your assessment, so you take charge. I wonder who is taking over from ATOS now that they are no longer on this contract?

Best of luck.


Dont worry about going to a tribunal apealing i was worried sick for the 3 mounths before mine but the judge made me fell very comfortable with everything and was clearly on my side from the start i took my husband with me and he throughly enjoyed seeing the representive from DWP get a dressing down from the judge as i was a bit not with everything that was going on. so appeal and go for it you have nothing to loose only some money to gain. good luck katy

The impression I get from all the stories I’ve come across on this and other sites is that there are unofficial limits on the numbers the DWP accept per day, or bonuses for refusing large numbers of applications or something. I dread the day I have to deal with the DWP (hopefully not for many years yet!).

I’d love to see the statistics for awards on initial application and awards on appeal. Again, it’s only an impression based on anecdotal evidence, but it seems that a high proportion of appeals succeed.

Good luck.

Hello It is imperative that you speak to the case worker when they call. A lot is based of how to complete the form. It is not about the names of your illness but what you can / can’t do. You say you can walk short distances then use a wheelchair for anything further. This statement would suggest that you can mobilise more than 20 metres which is the judged distance. If the actual case is that you can’t walk anywhere without being in constant pain and can only do this a few times a day without fatigue setting in then you must say this. Using a wheelchair for longer distances may suggest independence. You may be able to go quite a way. If you can’t do this in a standard chair without someone setting it up, helping you into it and being with you when you go somewhere then you must say this. You could be a Paralympic wheelchair athlete for all they know so wouldn’t score points. You must speak to the caller as they can change their award on the call. PIP is a new award so statistics are not really known at this stage so it would be unfair to say they won’t change. As a new award I have not heard about daily targets and in this day and age of freedom of information act I would have thought financial bonuses if awarded would have made the news. Best wishes.

I just want to add my support for your appeal.

And to say how lucky we are to have Jane…Wendells in our group, to help us with stuff we dont know and get upset about.

Jane, you are a marvel…we do appreciate you.

luv Pollx

Thank you all very much for your invaluable advice. It is extremely useful and very much appreciated. Kaz xx