Pip pish

Got my result today, enhanced care and standard mobility. So I’ll lose my car now which is just f#*€ing magic. Thanks dwp, thanks so much for putting me through an emotional wringer since I had to do the pip forms 12wks ago. Been on DLA medium care .& high mobility indefinate, Ppms since 1996 but it seems my legs which are the worst affected have made a miraculous recovery. The summary at the end of the letter was especially heart warming to read how well it knows my condition & how I’m affected by it. Also the ease with which I can walk - F You Too you complete and utter bastard!

I know I need to appeal but I’ve never had to do any of this shit before. I duno what to do really, Sorry for swearing so much but I’m gutted and angry and sad and just feel… urgh all messed up inside it’s horrible! Rosie

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Hi Rosie , I feel so cross for you it’s just not fair Ive heard of a few people that this has happened to. Did they give you a summary at the end for what all the points were for? You could say that you felt it was unfairly done. I hope that you appeal get some help to do it. I think they are so awful putting people through this. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Hi rosie get hold off your local welfare rights they will help you with your appeal and the thing that comes first and put your case for you and advise you on what to say at appeal.

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Useful links:

PIP Mandatory Reconsideration Request Letter Tool


How to win a PIP appeal

MS Falls

Wheelchair Services

Good luck with the appeal.

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hi rosie

i had the same outcome.

i’ve put in my request for mandatory reconsideration stating two examples of points that i should have had.

now just more waiting.

i’m angry too because having to describe how disabled i am is really depressing.

knowing that i will lose my car/independence on 8th march has me fuming.

i entertain myself by thinking of filthy words for the acronym DWP.

have a go yourself!

carole x

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I’m so sorry for you both…Carole and Rosie and I can so understand your dread of appealing. I’m still waiting for my Pip interview…I was supposed to have it in 2015!

take care,

Nina x

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I followed the MS Society guide for:



Talk about FALLS

"Describe the way you walk, for example do you find it hard to balance or do you limp? Let them know if you need physical support from another person to help you walk. You may need such support if you have poor coordination or balance, or if one of your legs keeps giving way due to spasm or muscle weakness.
Give an idea of your speed. If you walk slowly and were to cover 20 metres, what distance would someone without a disability or health condition cover in that time?
You may fall or stumble because of poor coordination or balance, or because one of your legs gives way due to spasm or muscle weakness. Alternatively, you may fall How your disability affects you www.mssociety.org.uk Page 11 of 21 over things because you have blurred or double vision.
You may fall at different times for different reasons, or for a combination of reasons.
List any injuries you have received when you have fallen and any treatment that you needed afterwards.
Give examples of occasions when you were unable to get up for any length of time following a fall.
Why were you unable to get up? Did someone have to help you? Alternatively, has someone else stopped you from falling?



What planet do these people come from? Jeez it makes me so cross when you hear of people being treated in this way, as though an incurable disease suddenly gets better…I bet we would all wish that happens.

Might it be worth having a chat with CAB and see if they can help with appealing, although you shouldn’t have to be put through the stress of it. I am still waiting to be changed over…the thought fills me with dread.

Whatever your decision is, I wish you all the very best.

Pam x

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For the mandatory reconsideration, I typed up a 7 page letter running thru every point. I’d also requested a copy of the ATOS report which was helpful as I could see what was actually correct and what was nonsense.

My advice is build your case. As a PPMS’er, I found it really frustrating that at that first ATOS assessment she asked me about 3 times “… but what are you like on a good day?” - I remember saying, it’s like this every day and there wasn’t any reference to that in the report, funny that! Clearly she had limited knowledge about MS or wasn’t aware there was more than one type.

Good luck

Sonia x

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Hi Rosie, I’m sorry you’re having to deal with this. You’d think dealing with ms is bad enough but no they have to heap on the stress.

Good luck! Hope you get a reconsideration.

Yikes! The clue is in the name progressive ms. If only our legs would get better.

Mags xx

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Get on the case, it is so unfair. Thinking of you and BIG HUGS


Hello Rosie.

I can’t express my outrage enough without bursting into a tirade of graphic vocal venom. You’ve already had some excellent advice but I just wanted to show some support for you.

I’m still waiting for the PIP forms to drop on my mat.

Best wishes and hugs (((((((((((((((((:slight_smile: )))))))))))))))))))