Sister with ms

Where to start, my sister was using her Walker last December. She kept falling, and was reassessed to be in a total lift and in a wheelchair. Has declined, back is wobbly, voice is a Lil muffled, had a bad uti which made things worse. She has now gone into 24 hr care. Feel helpless but visit on my days off. She is 38 yrs old. I do exercises when I visit. I went to my first ms meeting . She says her left arm seems weaker her mood with me seems dowN, how do I encourage her? I want to cry.

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Hi Brenn

What a lovely sister you are!

Keep on visiting her and try to lift her spirits.

It must be very disheartening at the moment but take heart because UTIs are the very devil but can be cured.

I have just had 2 courses of anti-biotics and suspect that it is still here.

One of those blessings of ms is that any infection is worse and takes longer to get rid of.

wishing your sister good healing and wishing you all the very best.

Carole xx

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I often think that the emotional cost of MS can be greater for a partner /concerned friend or relative. I tend to agree that whilst you may not want your distress to add to that of your sister you should be comfortable to be open about it. There are times that my wife or family ask “how are you feeling” and I sometimes will check by responding " do you REALLY want to know?" and I can cope when they say “NO” or “YES”

Encouragement and care have greater value when honesty is in place. You will probably find that you both will get value if she can support you too.

Good luck to both of you. Mick

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Hi Bren

it is so hard my sister is bedridden and doubly incontinent she now cant talk and we have use an alphabet chart, she is also nill by mouth. were all strugling very much with im one of her paid carers so i go down to sit with her quite often its so hard and i just sit and cry every night. theres not much we can do but be there for them xx

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Hi Brenn

I am afraid i don’t have any magic answers but with a sister who has MS aswell, who is now wheelchair bound I just wanted to say my thoughts are with you. I know how hard it is to see a loved one suffering.

As michelleb123 said all we can do is be there for them and support them anyway we can.

Hang in there and i hope things are going ok.

Love n hugs Pootle xx

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