Silent mr is

Hi there,

.on the internet they said you can have MRI scans which show up nothing but then you can actually have symptoms of MS?Is it true?They re called ‘silent MRI scans’.

Also is it true that if you have bladder and bowel problems early on in the disease it suggests you have a more serious type of so worried and don t know what to believe.?thanks.


hi again lady b.g.

wait a bit longer for the answers but if your bladder is misbehaving you can self refer to the bladder and bowel clinic.

the nurses there are marvellous and they make it not embarrassing at all.

choice of meds for bladder control.

carole x

I would not worry too much about what you read on the net!

I have had significant bowel and bladder problems for over 10 years and got diagnosed with SPMS only this year. This included being hospitalised on a few occasions x

Over the past 10 years I ran many races including a half marathon in 1he 45 mins, 2 marathons (London and Edinburgh) many XCountry races for a club x I also had 3 children and progressed well in my career.

Everyones MS is different and google can be your worst enemy x I can no longer run over 400m so switched to running sprints instead! Do what you can do !!

Have had periods of being upset then got up, dusted myself down and said you can still do what you want to do, just in a different way, with help sometimes!! But live In the now and not the future as you never know what will happen and it’s a waste of emotional energy worrying about what could occur-It would drive me mad!! Look at some of the recent posts of MSers who are doing amazing and some reaching their 70s and 80s still walking or in wheelchairs making the most of life - amazing people who inspire me to focus on what I can do not what I might not be able to in years to come x x x