sight issues on top of ms i feel life spiraling out of control ......

mookiemoo12 said on 2013/05/23 at 8:48 am

hello everyone.
ive had optic neuritis a couple of times now so this has made already poor eyesight much worse.
since i was a kid i always had sight problems and now im blind compleatly in my right eye.
ive just been registred partially sighted or sight im paired by the consultant.

i would like to hear from anyone here who is sight impaired like myself and has had or do have problems with seeing things that arnt there. ive only just been able to say this out loud to people as ive had this for years ( think its called charles bonnet syndrome?)
i get quite scared when it happens and thought i was going mad and never told anyone about this not even eye doctors or husband who i only told the other day.
ive had this on and off for along time and have seen black cats in my old bedsit before when there def wasnt one . thats just an example.

has anyone else got an experiance with there sight and or had this weird problem?

thankyou for reading this.
take care x caz

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