Am I alone?

Hiya I hope all is ok as can be I am wondering if anyone else got this symptom with MS I spoken to some other people in hosptital when having tysabri and they don’t seem to understand what I mean. Last year I could read 3 lines down in the options and this year in one eye I can’t see a thing :frowning: it’s not like when you get blurr vision or double as I had that before and comes back but the option looked behind the eye and found so much damage in one eye and it’s perminate glasses don’t help the eye just help the other eye to see better and my memory has got so bad with it I am forgetting the slightest things like I go in a room and wonder why I am there I know we all have this problem but it’s getting stupid now :frowning:

Hi Moogle Star,

What do you mean by “so much damage”? Do mean you have, or have had, optic neuritis? If so, that’s sadly a very common MS symptom, and no, it won’t be fixed by glasses, because the problem is not with the eye itself, but the optic nerve (in effect, the “wiring”) behind it, meaning what the eye is seeing isn’t being transmitted to the brain properly. I’m surprised nobody else at the hospital reported vision problems, because although not everyone gets them, it’s hugely common.

I’ve never been diagnosed with optic neuritis, and when I had visual evoked potentials (VEPs) over four years ago now, they were normal.

Nevertheless, I do experience colour distortion at times (it’s in my notes, but didn’t seem to be viewed as cause for serious concern), and I’m conscious that I have very little night vision in my right eye. I’m a non-driver, so it’s not danger from that point of view, but if I close my left eye in the dark, it’s scary just how little I can see with the other. You know, usually, you can make out features of the room, even with the lights out, if there’s street lighting or moonlight coming through the curtains? Well, with my right eye, I can’t. The light I can plainly see coming through the window with the good eye is the faintest glimmer with the other.

Nobody in the family has very good eyesight, and I already wear glasses, and have done for years. But it was quite scary to realise recently that one eye can’t see in the dark. It’s my worse eye in daylight, too - it has a much stronger corrective lens than the other, so might have nothing at all to do with MS. But the pace of deterioration seems to have quickened. Maybe it’s just getting older - I don’t know. :frowning:



Sorry to hear that :frowning: They said they looked behind the eye and saw so much damage from the pain I get in the right eye and I am on 2400mg gabapentin for it daily as is a daily pain. I was born with boss eyes and had them corrected when I was about 2 and one eye never completely recovered from that and then I got epilepsy at age 6 and went about age 12 so a lot of background then 19 got MS been a never ending story, I do drive which is a worry but my father in law has only one eye and he’s able to drive so that gives me hope.

Hi again, it does sound like it is/was optic neuritis then - even if the optician didn’t use those exact words. Eye pain coupled with nerve damage does sound like it. It’s a very common first symptom of MS, and I think (don’t quote me, 'cos I’m lifting it from the dregs of my memory somewhere) that more than 80% of people with MS will have at least one attack eventually, but like most MS damage, the extent of recovery varies, and it can unfortunately be permanent.

Yes, I was surprised to find, Googling it only this week (panic attack about own vision!) that even complete loss of one eye does not count as a disability, and is no barrier to driving, as long as you can still see well enough out of the other - with or without correction.

Obviously it’s not nice to lose sight to any extent - especially in ways that aren’t fixable - but one-eyed people seem to manage pretty well, on the whole. Didn’t stop Gordon Browm becoming prime minister, did it? :wink:



Your correct thankyou I have had MS for 12 years now and have secondary MS and that answers why when I have attacks they are worse because it courses more damage and perminate thankyou for talking me :slight_smile: