sick note but not employed

Hello all, i was wondering if anyone out there mihht be able to shed some light. I went to gp last week, and she said she’d happily sign me off sick, but im not actually working. Im not on benifits just not employed at the moment. And unable to seek employment as not up to it. So is signing me off sick the same as me applying for esa or is it different. Will there be assessments and the likes, or do they take my gps word?

Any info or ideas appreciated.




Your best bet is to speak to the job centre as I know you have to take your sick note to them if you are unemployed but dont know how it works x

Citizens advice would also be able to answer your questions :slight_smile:

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Submitting a sick note to the DWP will get you National Insurance credits.

I submitted them for about three or four months after I gave up my job until the DWP told me I no longer needed to.

I am in receipt of an occupational pension, so, like you I wasn’t claiming benefits.

I don’t know why you are not claiming benefit but the usual situation for an out of work, fit person would be to claim job seekers Allowance. If you subsequently become sick and get a note from your GP you become eligible to apply for ESA because jsa is no longer applicable.

Note that I say eligible to apply. A note from your doctor is not enough on its own, you don’t automatically get ESA and no, the DWP do not take your doctors word for it.

You would need to apply for ESA and send in your doctors notes. Initially you would go on the assessment phase. During this time you would have to complete the ESA 50 form which examines your illness in relation to a variety of work based activities. Each activity scores points (the poorer you are at it, the more points) if you score 15 or more points you would be awarded ESA and would no longer need sick notes, if you score less than15 points you are considered fit to work.

Eligibility for ESA is also dependant on NI contributions. But you can still claim if you have not paid NI if you do not have a working partner and have no savings/ other income