Does anyone know whether I should apply for Esa straight away. Im self employed, hubby employed elsewhere. Ive not been fit to work since 23rd may

Ask at the job centre? Though you can’t really do that easily/directly now, can you. Calling the DWP then? It’s luck of the draw if you get a helpful/intelligent person on the other end, but if they’re not you can always try again.

Thanks, ill try a call x

Hi Janet,

when you are self employed you make an ESA claim somewhat sooner than an employee who would be entitled to Statutory Sick Pay. Basically if you are too ill to work then ESA is the appropriate benefit. as you have a working partner you will need to claim contribution based - this will be dependant on your NI contributions over the previous couple of years.

Claiming ESA is not easy and I would recommend the benefits and work web site (£20.00 a year) who have excellent guides for filling in the somewhat daunting form

good luck