Should symptoms make you stop?

I love going out for a walk, but when I do, my leg starts to buzz. It doesn’t hurt, just feels like pins and needles. Opinions please - should I carry on doing what I enjoy and just walk with pins and needles or should I stop doing it?

Personally I think you should grab every opportunity you can to do the things you want to do, whether thats going out for a walk, going to work , shopping, what ever takes your fancy.

When I was first diagnosed (7 years ago) with RRMS I could walk ok after my first attack settled down, but like you I would get a tingly buzz like feeling in my thighs, but this didnt stop me walking, however, over the years as my MS has now progressed to SPMS my walking is far far worse, I do get around the house and garden, I can walk around a shop, holding onto my wife or a shopping trolly, but theres no way I could go into town and walk around all the shops, or go for a stroll around a park ect.

Having said that I think you should still try to push yourself to do the things you want while you still can .

Theres no evidence, as far as I know, that pushing yourself causes more damage ?

Dare I say, doing the opposite would be less beneficial.

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Hi JJ111,

I get pins and needles, first symptom.

Maybe ask MS nurse , but I’m with jactac - walk as much as you want. I can’t anymore.

Take care,


keep walking!

If it were me, I keep walking, I have SPMS and can’t walk like I used to and as they say, if you don’t use it, you’ll loose it, enjoy your walks, x

As long as you CAN do it you SHOULD do it.

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Like everyone else says…keep going…wish I could…


Keep going

Jan x

Thanks folks! Just literally walked the dog around the block and it has gone again! So frustrating! Starting to pile on the weight too as not getting as much exercise as I used to!

Keep going if you can switch the buzzing off in your mind. Its part of who you are now. Buzz off lol. I have buzzing all over, in my head and my legs when i have overdone it. I put music on and drown it out lol.

its good to keep walking, its muscle wastage that gets us in the end.

check to make sure your magnesium levels are. Also if you feel your overweight, you dont have to diet.

I am same weight now in 10 years, actually thats a lie. before i left my home after my husband died we found a pair of leather trousers i had bought myself 25 years ago. as a joke i tried them on and they fit me…lol. Yep. what a shocker.

How i do it. Plate size. I decided i am sedantary and therefore dont need the normal amount of calories so i through my dinner plate out and i use a smaller one lol. I never eat processed fat or fried.

keeping a healthy weight also helps us to keep moving forward.

I wish i could walk my dog but nope. I can do the garden and we play ball etc, and i take her out in my scooter. I miss walking.

so just walk. when you get home massage your legs and put them up for a bit.

the buzzing is bizzare isnt it.

yep i believe we need to keep going !! I often end up doing a random rest wherever with my dog in the forest usually but it helps the mind to get out there

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Absolutely do stuff while you can. Obviously if the impact becomes significant you should be careful. My neurologist said that he would err on the side of overdoing things rather than the other way.

Good luck and enjoy your activity


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Hi, I agree with all the above. Keep going with everything as long as you can. When/if it changes. Just do things differently. Good luck. Xx