Should symptoms go away when lesion has gone/resolved

Hi this might be hard to answer. I had an MRI in Jan 2011 which showed a large lesion on my cervical spinal cord. Clear Brain MRI and LP. I had another in Mar2012 and lesion was still there and LP was again clear. Neuro still suspecting MS did another MRI in June 2013 and lesion had resolved giving me a completely clear MRI.

I still have brisk reflexes, positive babinski reflex and spastcity in right leg. Neuro says that I have had an isolated incident of inflammation on spinal cord and some damage has been done which is not visable now on spinal cord.

Some of my friends are suggesting that my problems with walking are pyscocimatic (spelling) now and I should try hypnotherapy.

Moyna xxx

That sounds pretty far-fetched to say it’s in your head Moyna - but I bet you’ve been over-compensating and that will of course mean that you’re having problems walking.

I think you’d probably benefit from some physio as from what you’ve said you had the lesion for at least a year and probably nearer two.

Hope you can get some help :slight_smile:

Sonia x

Thanks Sonia, I have tried neuro physio but got a glass half full approach !! as she gave me as splint and told to use a stick!

But that is not what I want to hear as I want to move forwards and not backwards since my scan is now clear.

I want to know is there some way they can check the functioning of the nerves in your spine. Evoked potentials I think just check peripherial neuropathys.

Hi Moyna

I’m not sure how much help this is or how medically acurate I am but the lesions can come and go. Having a lesion on your brain or spine may or may not cause symptoms that you notice. If a leasion does cause symptoms, it can also cause some damage to be left behind when the lesion has gone away and therefore, you are left with a symptom even when the leasion is no longer showing up.

I have also heard of people having 1 relapse and no further ones. Which is why they will only tends to diagnose MS for definate when you have had 2 or more relapses.

I hope that makes sense and helps a bit and that your neuro is going to do a follow up with you just to keep an eye.



Hi Moyna, these friends are probably well meaning, but they arent able to grasp the situation fully, are they?

I know some of your problems have been put down to the treatment you had for cancer a while back.

So is this current pain down to a different cause, do you think?

Like me, we are grasping at straws to find out what caused our problems, eh? Sadly, we may never know.

I think you`ll need to ask your neuro/GP about how to check the function of nerves in the spine. Dont know if they can do checks on very specific areas.

Having said that, I had 2 EMGs which test nerves and then muscles separately (I think). Nothing was found on either.


Yes Poll - it is hard especially when every medical person I see has a different viewpoint. I feel that I am always going sideways .

BTW My botox injections didnt hurt at all - makes me wonder if I actually got them. To me it was just like a flu jab - a wee pin prick!

Moyna xxx

Oh crikey, I got a call this afternoon and have my first MS physio appointment booked up… I really hope it’s helpful!

I was really hopeful and if it’s rubbish, I’ll pay and go to my lovely Osteo (she spotted issues before I did and wrote to my GP to state I needed an MRI, I just though my hip was getting old!).

I guess it’s the same with any profession, there’s always going to be the good and the bad. I’m sorry to hear you had such a poor experience… I’ll be gutted if they don’t at least try to help me get walking a bit better under my own steam.

I really hope you find something that works for you

Sonia x

Hope you get to the bottom of things Moyna. I’ve found that some things get better, whilst others stay the same and some get worse. The hardest thing is trying to work out whether or not it’s the ageing process or the result of any grief you gave your body years ago…