Should I switch Neuro or not?


I have been asked by my MS nurse to switch neurologist to the MS specialist. I am not sure I want to though and need some advice. The neuro I am seen by is a general neurologist, really helpful, kind and gave me my dx and has perscribed my dmd’s. The other neuro (ms specialist) is based at the other hospital (same trust) and runs a relapse clinic, so i guess that means more help avaliable, although i wouldn’t be able to get there on my own anyway and my nurse always comes to see me - so not sure of the need for such a clinic?. I have heard several bad things about the specialist by other msers, so not keen to give myself up to him and have been let down badly by a third neuro in the past.

Apart from the relapse clinic i don’t see what else there is to gain from switching, he is happy to see me and has started me on my dmd’s - maybe it’s less work for my nurse. Nurse did say it’s my choice, but feeling a bit bullied into making a decision. What would you guys do? Thanks in advance.

Why has your MS Nurse asked you to switch Neuro? Is this for your own benefit or his/hers?

If you hadn’t requested a change yourself, I’d politely thank them and say ‘no’ to the switch …unless they can put forward a convincing reason why this would be beneficial to YOU !!

(Can’t help wondering if this is purely for your MS Nurse’s convenience, rather than yours!!)

If you’re happy with the Neuro you see now - and it sure sounds like you are - why change? (I changed Neuro about 18 months ago when the person (that’s as polite as I can be) I was seeing seemed more wrapped up in himself than any else!! The guy I changed to is a vast improvement.


Thanks Dom.

My nurse said it would benefit me being under the care of a specialist in my disease - but the neuro i’m with seems to know enough about it! I guess your right I should just say no, but don’t want to end up going without further up the line! Guess I can’t have my cake and eat it too!

I have a specialist ms neuro that I had to see about getting dmds whic is at a lLondon hospital and then see another neuro at my local hospital for more regular appointments etc. I even see a different ms nurse in London but only when I’m there as have one more locally that I see locally. Seems to be the system living near London the local hospital don’t have the specialists. I you get on with your neuroand seems up to speed with ms I wowouldn’t change unless I had no choice.

Thanks Barney_owl.

Well at least I think he is up to speed with all things MS…He diagnosed me and started me on beta-inteferon, so he must know something! The neuro my nurse wants me to be with is at the hospital she is based in - so maybe it is a convenience issue.

i was diagnosed by a general neuro (not ms specialist) but had to see a ms specialist to get my dmds.

i still have annual appointments with the first one.

i’m really pleased to continue seeing him because he seems to have a more holistic view.

my specialist neuro is great as long as i’m talking about copaxone.

is there no way you could have the same?

carole x

Thanks Carole, Guess it wouldn’t hurt to ask about this as a compromise.

I live in Bristol, which may mean nothing at all to you! Message me if you think we’re talking about the same place.

I have switched from one neurologist who has MS as one of their specialties to another at an MS clinic at the same hospital. The clinic provides MS Nurse support, a relapse clinic, relaxing bespoke room for patients having DMD infusions, a physiotherapist, access to a joint orthotics clinic (with physio and orthotics professional who looks at how we walk), a continence nurse…

And much more.

I haven’t mentioned any names as it’s not encouraged on this forum as negative comments get posted by some. I have no complaints about my treatment by either consultant. I saw my first neuro after having seizures. The MRIs indicated lesions and it all went downhill from there (not really) lol

If your MS nurse has suggested you switch to the MS clinic and based on my personal experience (which may not be relevant to you!) I’d say consider it very seriously. Can you give it a try and then switch back if it doesn’t provide you with the support you need?

Good Luck with your decision.

take care