should i be worried?

Hi, new to this group. Went to Dr last tues. for first time with symptons, had phone call from hospital on wednesday, had app. on thursday, was booked in for mri today on brain and full spine.

symptons: pins and needles on left side of face and back of head, weekness and pins/needles in left arm and hand, have lost control of balance a couple times, pressure/pain around/behind eyes and forehead, brain fog, eyes go funny and lost vision once (black for few secs.) pins and needles in back and left leg (i do have two protruding discs in lower back which casues sciatica, but not in the same way this is happening, had to wait 9 months for mri for that), hearing going and memory shot to hell. In the past few weeks the pins and needles have poped up in other rambon places. Come about 3-4 pm can hardly keep my eyes open and no matter how much sleep i get i am tired most of the time.

I had the brain scan and another person went in before i had the spine one, when i went back in to have the spine one the tech. asked me if i ever got pins and needles i said yes and then he asked if i took any pain killers? did he see something on the scan? he then said to ring my consultant in a weeks time and tell him i have had the scan. And if it was urgent they would move my next app. forward as its not for 6 wks? My eyes and head were killing me at the time and it wasnt till i got out of the hospital that i wished i had asked him.

I dont do worry or stress, but this rocked me more than a little.

Any advice appreciated

Hello Linda!

Sorry you are going through such a scary time - it’s bound to rock you!! You are in the right place though and it sounds like they are acting very quickly so anything serious will soon be dealt with x

Unfortunately there is nothing you can do at the moment apart from going with the flow and using this forum for support - lot’s of people have been exactly where you are x

As for the radiographer even if you had asked him he wouldn’t (shouldn’t!) have said anything more to you anyway - really he shouldn’t have asked you about symptoms in the first place as it’s not his place to - that’s your consultants job!

A week is not really long to wait although it will seem like a lifetime to you x if anything really serious that can’t wait a week is showing on that scan you will get a phonecall.

In the meantime keep in touch with your GP - have they given you anything to help with the pain?? xxjenxx

Hi Kizzydane. Thanks for reply, sit and wait then, :- ( just taking ibruprofen, not the greatest.