Should I be worried?

Hello! . I have recently had a MRI with and without contrast of my brain. This was ordered because I have been experiencing burning nerve pain on face, on arms, hands, legs and feet for five months (after a bout of shingles). I am currently taking 100 mg. of gabapentin twice a day for the nerve pain. This does not completely control it, but I do not like the side effects so I am trying not to increase the dosage.
A previous MRI without contrast (for numbness and tingling in face two years ago) showed some possible white matter lesions in right frontal lobe. At the time, I was told that I was experiencing “silent migraines”…no pain, just numbness and tingling. This most recent MRI showed “slight progression minimal periventricular and moderate deep white matter disease since last MRI. This is nonspecific and consistent with demyelinating process, vasculitis, or chronic small vessel ischemic change.” It also stated that “two new adjacent white matter lesions at the right frontal lobe centrum semiovale measuring appr. 1mm. The remainder of the white matter lesions appear relatively stable on the right. There are two new foci of T2 prolongation at the posterior aspect of the left frontal lobe deep white matter at the junction of the centrum semiovale and corona radiate also measuring on the order of 1 to 2mm.”
Should I be worried?

Hi and welcome. I assume that this is the radiologist’s report. I cant understand why they send this out to patients without it being explained in plain english. Anyway he indicates that something is going on and has given some posibilites one of which is demelinating process (MS one of a number of demyelinating processes)

It is really up to the neuro to dx the condition and the radiologist just reports what he sees on the scan. They are not experts in diagnosing a persons condition. So his opinions could be entirely wrong. Where I live patients get the neuros version of the MRI and not the technical version.

These could still be migraines, or vitamin defiencies (B12, vit D etc) so try not to worry just yet.

Take Care

Moyna xxx

Try not to worry kay i know its easier said than done my husband was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis after he told me and our children he thought he had a brain tumor.He stressed himself telling me he wasnt going for his results, he was first told they had found lesions in left frontal lobe back in february 2013 recently found to have alot more on brain and spine.Hopefully you will get some answers soon xxx julie