shotgun certificate renewal?

Hi all, i posted this sometime ago im just looking for anyone who has renewed a shotgun certificate succesfully? got the form thro today and there is a question re dissability etc, just lost my bike licence and hgv kept car licence on a 3yr, a bit despondant about losing this one!!! regards Tony…

Hi Tony.

The DVLA automatically restrict someone with a new MS diagnosis to a 3 year car only licence, but there aren’t the same rules with a shotgun licence. My husband has one (he doesn’t have MS) and he tells me that, as far as he knows, the police are only interested in whether or not you are safe to own a shotgun because the law states that you are entitled to own one unless they can show that you shouldn’t. Therefore they are interested in mental health conditions, epilepsy (or anything that means that you could potentially pull a trigger without meaning to) and what medication you are on. I would also guess that they are interested in things like problems with vision.

Basically, if you are fine, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Btw, he also says that the Met Police are the toughest, but that if you are in or near the Met area, he is looking for a shooting buddy so let me know :slight_smile:

Another btw - you can resit your bike and HGV licences - having MS doesn’t mean that you can’t ever drive these again.


Karen x

Hi karen and thankyou for your very usefull info, im taking avonex weekly and thats it vision is good touch wood… oh and im in the hertfordshire area tell your hubby. all the best regards Tony.

Sending you a pm :slight_smile:

Hi Tc

I don’t know much about it but my friend was looking for a shoot gun Licence MS wasn’t a problem but because she had been on treatment for depression at one time she was turned down. But she never had a licence before maybe renewing one could be different



l have just asked my husband about this - as he does ‘sign’ quite a few shot-gun licence applications for people in this area. Physical disabilites is not mentioned on the form - but mental illness - and depression is -and of course ‘criminal records’

And l know that the local county constabulary do contact OH and check up on some of the applicants - which is re-assuring!


H,i to all and thankyou for your helpfull replys. take care. regards Tony. tc.

H,i to all and thankyou for your helpfull replys. take care. regards Tony. tc.