shot gun certificate?

hi all ive had a shotgun licence since i was 18 im now 54 agrrrrr. was dx with ms 2010, my licence exspires this year i have rrms im on avonex have been for 7 mths with no relapses (touch wood) not sure ill be granted a renewal certificate? Tony…

the only reason they should revoke it would be if you have been prooven do be a danger to your self and/or others. I renewed mine 2 months ago and all went fine. What sort of shooting do you do. Im in to my clays.

Hi jms, same as you clays, ive shot clays for many years and cant imagine what it would be like to have my certificate revoked! ms is bad enough! recently give my bike licence up managed to keep my car licence, its a bugger aint it just… thanks for your reply and gd luck, regards Tony… ps did you inform the police about your ms on the renewal form?

im not too sure if you have to inform them if you have ms. i think if your taking anti depresant meds they must be informed though.

mine is due for renual but im letting it laps as i dont get out shooting now.

If memory serves (megalol) when I last renewed 9-10 years ago there was something on the form about Neurological Conditions. I got the renewal,and I think I phoned the Firearms Section,explained the situation and there were no problems. I have since surrendered my certificate and got £1 for my single barrel Baikal.I’d been whittling down the arsenal for the reasons we know

I’m sure I was 14 when I got that Baikal and all there is now is a co2 powered carbine.

Regards, Steve

i dont think you have to tell them about MS. But i did and still got my certificate. James