Shop mobility - why didn't I use it before?

Where I go shopping in has a John Lewis at one end of the shopping centre and M&S at the far end. For years I have struggled and only been able to go to one end of town or the other. I battled round with 2 sticks or crutches, legs like jelly and collapsing in a heap when I got back to the car. Today I finally signed up with the Shopmobility people, borrowed a scooter and set off with a very big grin on my face. Drove it all round town, didn’t crash into anything, I almost took out a knicker stand in M&S but I don’t think anyone saw me. I got back to the car with the scooter loaded up with bags, still with a big grin on my face. I still have energy left for the rest of the day. Just one question on my mind, why have I waited so long to use this?


Yes they are great aren’t they!

I loved them so much I got one through motability , just done a ten mile round trip, lovely day, my own soft-top!

I posted about them the other day, i have had to use a w/c for the last few years, when out and about,but bought a travel scooter online and used it for the 1st time, yesterday,

and i feel just like you, WHY have i left it so long, like you i struggled for years and i could only be out of the house for half an hour at a time,i hav struggled with walking for 20 years, so i feel i have the right to make my life a little easier, i do think its a pride thing though, for meit is anyway,

i wont use my w/c locally either as i still hate anyone i know seeing me in it, my sister in law,cant understand why,she thinks i am silly.

jaki xx

Well done, I have never used shop mobility but think I would benefit from it, may give it a go, lol, at the knicker stand in M&s. Jaki, I also used to not want to use my w/c locally, but 2 things changed my mind. A couple of years ago thought it would be safe to use w/c in London, we stay in Aberdeen so no one would see me in London, we were shopping in Harrods, me in the w/c and saw a neighbour from Aberdeen! Later in year we went shopping in Newcastle, went to the Apple shop, spoke to assistant who said it had just opened, said assistants had come from the shop in Aberdeen to help with the opening, I said we were from Aberdeen, didn’t know we had an Apple shop, then I thought to myself, I didn’t know because I am scared to shop in Aberdeen n case someone sees me in w/c, after that I thought I was being silly so now I don’t bother. Cheryl:-)

It is a small world Cheryl, it’s amazing how people from Aberdeen get about the place! I haven’t been into the shopping centre where the Apple shop is, although I knew it was there. Thinking shop mobility would be a good idea for me to try, I can’t go shopping any more because I can’t walk far enough, and I get too hot, although, judging by my scooter driving when I’m out with the dog, I may well be a menace and not be welcome back to places where there are people and merchandise to take out!

I don’t particularly like going shopping, but it would get me out of the house!

Luisa x