Shoes make my tingling worse- driving too!

Hi guys, I’ve been noticing the last few weeks that when I wear my shoes, the tingling in my feet gets worse. I’ve had this symptom for over a year and thought my shoes were giving me gip (although they are wide fitting, elasticated sides, air soles and fit great). I’ve also noticed if I have to press my fingers hard to do something (like prise open the chicken house door that swelled in the rain) my fingers felt really weird: tingly and numb for a while after. Driving also seems to make the tingling in my hands and feet worse. I assume the vibrations affect things? Anyone else noticed this? Many thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Driving makes the crawling sensation I get worse as I just feel the vibration going up my leg and it’s a horrendous sensation. I am undx with anything at the moment Axx

Earlier on in the year, I had to use a car for a three hour drive. It wasn’t as comfortable as my own car, which meant that there was more effort required from my right leg, particularly as I was driving in traffic on the M6. It was slightly worrying that my leg became partially numb from the knee downwards while I was driving.

I generally get the majority of problems on the left hand side, and if I sleep on my left (my preferred sleeping position) then I frequently get a dead left leg during the night.

Astro x

Thanks for your thoughts guys. :slight_smile: