old symptoms resurfacing


my first symptoms were fizzy, tingling feet and hands.

it has been under control for the last few years but i’ve noticed that motorway driving makes them come back.

not asking for suggestions, this is just an observation.

anyone else notice this?

carole x

Hi Carole

Long car journeys make my hands more tingly than usual and my feet start to feel a bit fuzzy although, so far, not really numb. I don’t really like having my left hand on the steering wheel for long periods as I can feel the vibrations from the road surface through the wheel and it sets off the tingling. If I am driving for more than a couple of hours then I try to plan a break in the journey for a drink and a walk round to ease the symptoms a bit. Some of my first symptoms were very numb feet and strange feelings in my hands too. I’ve come to accept a certain amount of tingling/pins and needles as my new normal.

Take care

Tracey x

Yes my symptoms get worse if I’m in a car for a few hours. Also yes, I have symptoms that disappear for a few years and then come back.

I no longer drive outwith town as I too was getting tingling hands and feet when travelling for a longer distance - especially on motorways… I hadn’t thought of vibration being a potential trigger, I thought that in town I am constantly changing position of my hands and feet and lots of stopping and starting, turning etc… whereas on motorway once you are up to speed the amount of changing position is much less…

Hi Carole

This is really interesting. I too suffer elevated symptoms even if I am a passenger on a long car journey. I reckon it is all the messages that our little brains have to deal with with all the fast cars whizzing by.

Shazzie xx

Hi All,

My second relapse was a numb left foot, very hard to cope with when your driving a HGV around London.

The third relapse was numbness/pins n needles/ itching legs and the constant tripping, not being able to pick my feet up.

Now secondary is here, I drive short distances. Would not attempt anything more than a hours driving if I can help it.

I think the best, is to have more breaks than normal, and to nap if possible regularly.

I also think that long time thinking effects you, even as a passenger, your still thinking of the pedals/driving.


thanks for your replies.

i only drive to trafford (15 miles) usually but this week my husband has needed a lift to preston.

​it isnt much further but is a more difficult journey.

interesting to hear that the vibrations set you off.

i’ll make note of this - maybe preston need some resurfacing work!!

carole x

Driving doesn’t bother me so much except for tiredness. Worse thing for my buzzing in hands and arms is using a keypad be it on a laptop or on an iPad, I try to avoid overuse on an evening as it makes me so much worse.

Jan x

Constant typing sets my tingling fingers off too which is a nuisance because my second job is an audio typist from home for a firm of financial advisers . I have to limit the typing to an hour an evening because by then my fingers are tingling and burning and I start hitting the wrong keys so it’s counter productive. Unfortunately I’m not really skilled at anything else to supplement my meagre income.

Everyone assumes that working for local government is well paid but not when you’re on a 30 hours a week contract, term time only and paid pro rata. Realistically I couldn’t work more than that anyway because I go home at 3pm and sleep for at least an hour before making my evening meal and starting on the second job. I also need a week off every 6 or 7 weeks to recharge my batteries! Ah well, at least I am still working, eh? There’s my silver lining …

Tracey x