Shocking treatment by store manager

oh dear

what happened?

I must as sent the first bit to quickly…

Hi, advice needed. I hope to be brief but to the point. I purchased an LG fridge freezer from possible the only remaining electrical superstore in Northampton, I won’t mention the name but I’m sure you know the company. The LG was delivered and installed but I was told to wait for a few hours before turning on to alow the gasses to settle. When it was turned on it did not work probably. I went to the store to tell them, so they tried to phone LG for a replacement code but they said they couldn’t get through because LGs phones were all down. They tried again and again but still couldn’t get through. I asked if there was another way and asked to see the store manager, after about an hour of being in the store I was struggling to keep standing so I found a seat. Now this is the real disgusting treatment, on the day I was wearing a shirt with a small MS logo on it. The manager came over and before I could even speak he said to me “DON’T THINK YOU CAN PLAY THE DISABILITY CARD ON ME, MY MOTHER DIED FROM MS LAST YEAR…”. I said to him in a stunned voice after his outburst that I was sorry about his mother, but MS is not a terminal illness. I was fuming at his outburst and left the store with the lady behind the counter, who was as shocked at what he had said as I was, said she would keep trying to get LG. The next day she phoned and said stil no joy getting LG, so I thought I’d try to get them myself via their Live Chat on the internet. It took about 10 minutes and the first thing I found out was LGs phones had not been down at all and she would sort it for me. Which she did and a new LG fridge freezer was delivered the next day. Hats of to LG they were excellent it was just the store that were horrendous. They had lied about the phones being down, but the worst thing was slur by the manager and his disability card rant. I complained and received an apology about the phone trouble but not a word about the managers disgusting rant at me. How dare he and not a word of apology about it. What should I do, I’ve thought about the DDA and contacting the CEO of the firm, I’m sure he or she will not be happy. Of course I could always go down the contacting the press way. All I wanted was an apology from the manager, but no I’ve had nothing.

Contact the CEO. This is the exact discrimination that needs to be stopped!! Would he have said anything as derogatory to someone from the ethnic minority?? No, would he heck so why does he think it’s perfectly OK to treat anybody, disabled or not in such an appalling manner??? Hope you get the apology that you most certainly deserve. X

This is truly shocking and totally unacceptable behaviour, from someone who should know better, than to treat a customer this way.

I guess he ca be forgiven for his ignorance about wether or not MS is a terminal illness…he must never have been put right on that score.

I am so glad you were treated well by LG.

You must report that awful man!


In the heat of the moment I shouldn’t have mentioned that MS was not a terminal illness, but it was in shock at what he had said to me.

I received a £50 credit voucher by post saying they were sorry about the phone saga, but NOT a mention about the managers comment. I’ve emailed the CEO and 3 more members of the Dixons Board about the situation. I will be sending back the voucher in disgust at them not covering the main point. Their manager was wrong to talk like that to a customer, sorry ex customer.