Shock news

Hello good people.

I’ve just been given a harsh reminder to look after myself.

This morning my younger brother was admitted to hospital with a stroke. It seems to be going the same way as my late father; no speech, can’t swallow etc. He also has the additional burden of vascular dementia. The prognosis is currently vague but the expectations appear disturbing.

He had been on medication for BP, diabetes and his dementia although the dementia is in its early stages.

Tomorrow I will call the doctor over for a check up. Never be complacent. Strokes have destroyed my dad’s side of the family.

Look after yourselves.


Steve , I’m so sorry , I hope he s going to be okay , one of Lee’s friends at work has recently had his 2nd stroke and he is only 50. It’s definitely a wake up call. Youve had a difficult year haven’t you. Love Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi Steve

So sorry to hear this, and I wish your brother a speedy recovery.

I hope your year improves for you, it truly seems to be a difficult one up to now.

Take care, fingers crossed it’s good news for all of you.

Pam x

Hi Steve, So sorry to hear your news I do hope your brother makes a good recovery. Sue x

Hi Steve,

So sorry to hear about your brother sending you thoughts and prayers.

Twinkle Toes x

So very sorry to hear this Steve.

I hope he makes a good recovery, take good care of yourself.

Sonia x

So sorry to hear about your brother Steve…these things do make us stop and think about all the what ifs and maybes! I have a cousin who had a stroke in his thirties but made almost a full recovery…I will hope and pray for the same for your brother.

Take Care Steve,

Nina x