Shingles help

As if life isn’t bad enough with ms I’ve now got shingles. Any one else had them n what creams did u use to prevent scaring.

Hi Jacky, I had shingles last summer. I didn’t use any creams but the anti virals the GP gave me cleared it up very quickly. I was away for some of the time so it took my mind off it! I didn’t have it badly though, just a slight inconvenience really.

Hope you feel better soon.

Hi Jacky,

I had shingles in May 2017. I was prescribed anti virals which did slow down the infection and amitriptyline (sp?) for the pain.

But I can quite honestly say the pain from shingles before the amitripyline was the worst I ever experienced in my life.

I wish you a speedy recovery!

Hi Jacky,

I got shingles last Summer and it was horrible so you have my sympathies. I was on the anti virals to start . I already took amitriptyline but even doubling up on that didn’t help with the pain so the dr put me on pregabalin which did help. They prescribed some cream made from peppers too but that was so hot I felt worse. It took me from August to Dec to fully recover and I have only recently weaned myself off the pregabalin.

Are you on any DMDs. I was on Tecfidera but I stopped taking it when I was dx with shingles as it lowers white blood cells and I wanted my body to fight the infection.

Take care


HI i had shingles well the doctor believes it was that. I had pain first then slowly the spots but i used sudocream on mine. i never got meds. the pain was horrible.