Midnight feast

Heather can’t sleep

Xxx Don

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Hope she recovers soon Don Shingles are really nasty. I understand if you get treatment within a week of showing symptoms they can give you something to treat it. Hope this is the case for Heather.

Jan x


Hi Don,

So sorry to hear Heather has Shingles…if she can cope with it Lanacane cream is very very good at numbing the area.

M&S biscuits sound yummy!

Take care,



Shingles is nasty,hope Heather feels better soon

J x

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Shingles are nasty - l have had it 3 times - l know -l am just greedy. There is a poster in my GP’s waiting room saying they can offer a vaccination for Shingles for people 70 and over. So l have a couple of years to wait. Have wondered if there is any exception to this rule.

l found Sensodyne Toothpast works to de-sensitise the area.

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Shingles was the most painful thing I have ever had, Amitripylin can help with nerve pain! I was already on 50mg and nothing helped so I said this to my GP, I never complain about pain but I said this was something else. I was giving a short course of a morphine based drug, this was the first relief I had. If something is unbearable you have to tell them, M

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Get well soon Heather, shingles is horrible sending you gentle (((((hugs)))))

Pam x

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Don I always love your blogs you have the ability to tell it like it is …and yet add the humour and sadness of it at the same time. I love the fact that youv’e been married for 40 years that is so lovely its brilliant that you support each other and are on the journey together…me and Lee are 31 years of marriage in October, i met him when I was 16 and married just a day before I was 19, …going back then i wouldn’t have been able to imagine my life being like this… but its truly beautiful to have found a soul mate and just being there for each other no matter what.

Take care I hope Heather gets better soon…enjoy your chocolate biscuits…theres no comparison between a lovely chocolate one and a plain old rich tea!

Love Michelle x


Sending love and hugs to Heather.

Get well soon!

Pat xx


Thanks Pat, she is struggling with it.



How is Heather feeling now - is the bed full of biscuits crumbs!! l made some flapjack cookies yesterday. They are scrumptious - but bits fly everywhere when you take a bite.