Sharp pain at back of eyes

Hi all, I wonder if any of you can help me with this? I have just had to go to an A&E after suddenly geting a very sharp pain at the back of my eyes this evening. I can’t describe the pain it was awful I can only say it was like a bolt of lightening going to the back of my eye followed by throbbing receding then happening again. The sharp pains left after a while but now I keep getting an intense throbbing every few minutes.

I hate going to a&e for a stupid MS symptom but the pain was terrible! I have painkillers now but I can still feel it - hopefully they will knock me out before I can go to the hospital pharmacy to get gabapentin and lansoprazole (what ever that is!!).

The doctor was really sweet though and even apologised to me for the fact I have MS and said it shouldn’t happen to anyone so young (even though I’m 35!) bless him!! I apologised to the staff for having to go to a&e but I tried 111 to try and see an out of hours doctor but they said I had to go. They were very considerate and kind.

I have felt sick though and lost my appetite for the last few days - hope this doesn’t turn into a relapse x hope you are all well and thank you for any help

stacey x x

hi stacey,

how horrible for you.

i haven’t had the pleasure of eye problems so far so all i can do is wish you a speedy recovery.

it’s nice that the doctors at the hospital were so kind.

take care and heal well

carole x

Hi Stacey

Your poor thing, that sounds yuk.

All I can offer is - Optic Neuritis? I have had that before (twice in fact) but only in 1 eye at a time and that is extremely painful. That also came along with double vision though.

Whatever it is I hope it goes soon.

Take care


Hi Stacey

I’ve never had the eye pains you describe, it sounds horrible. A&E was the right place to go, not everything is down to ms, so it needed checking. I am glad you were well looked after.

If it’s Lansoprazole You’re asking about stacey, it’s to help reduce the amount of acid build up in the stomach. Some medications can add to this problem.

Take care xx

Thank you for your help lovelies x x

Luckily the pain in my eye has faded to an ache, but I do keep getting the odd sharp pain in the side of my face now - it’s horrible and hurts but quickly fades. I have took 1 gabapentin earlier and been asleep all day now I feel sick and dizzy like I am on a moving ship - hope this is just a side effect of the gabapentin x I have tight ribs too x

The last times I had optic neuritis my colour vision went - this hasn’t happened only a very slight blurriness in the effected eye so I am not sure if it’s that x

i phoned my ms nurse and she phoned me back - I was fast asleep but woke up and couldn’t even work out how to answer the phone so sat and listened while she left me a message!!! . She might want me to go in on Wednesday.

I can’t believe it I have been feeling so well up until last night. Thank you for your kind comments and help x x x

Hi! Sorry to hear about this. I’ve had O/N twice now (once in each eye). My symptoms have been the pain and blurring so it is a possibility. Hopefully you’ll get to speak to your nurse tomoz xx