Shall I take Prozac?

Dear All, maybe someone can advise? Diagnosed with MS but awaiting a lumbar puncture and awaiting treatment.

Eight weeks ago I was given a course of steroids and my physical symptoms have been calming down. However, I don’t sleep well and suffer anxiety (weird and new to me). My GP offered Prozac to help calm my nerves and to help me sleep. Have taken 20 mg for seven days and my MS symptoms are back with real strength.

Would anyone know if Prozac has a detrimental effect on MS?

I am also worried because on the leaflet it states that Prozac might increase anxiety, insomnia etc, the things that I am trying to get rid of.

Warmest regards Ali

It is fair to say that many medications list as potential side effects the very things that it is their primary purpose to resolve! Having said which, it is not uncommon to have to try one or two antidepressants before finding one that suits. There are antidepressants (Mirtazepine, for instance) that are believed to be particularly good at calming anxiety and improving disordered sleep while also lifting low mood. So there would be plenty of alternatives for your GP to try you on if it turned out that you and Prozac didn’t get along. I think the important thing for now is to keep in close touch with your GP about how you are feeling and how long you should soldier on with the Prozac to give it a chance to do its thing before switching to something else. As far as I know, antidepressants are not generally associated with worsening MS symptoms (although chronic insomnia can certainly make it feel that way, antidepressants or not…) And, given that very many of us are on them, I expect we would have noticed! I hope the clouds lift soon. You have a lot on your plate just now, I’m afraid. Hang on in there. Alison


Have you considered using CBD paste? It is very calming, can help with neuropathic pain and improve sleeping.

I use the following high concentration paste obtainable from CBD Brothers:

A 5mg tube lasts about four weeks if you take three doses a day.

I now swear by it and I have been using for over a year. It allowed me to come off the dreaded Gabapentin.

If you are interested and have any more questions please ask. Just a thought if you may be looking for an alternative approach to symptom management.

Best wishes