Shaky Brain

Hi All,

I wonder if anyone has experienced what I call a shaky brain?

I had a terrible day of it on Tuesday where everything seemed to be shaking up and down, I couldn’t really focus on anything and it made me really nauseous. This is something that keeps popping it’s head up every know and then, but really not sure if it’s MS. I have been experiencing a fair bit of nerve pain over the past week and wondered if that was what set it off.

Keep well.

Murraymint x

hi Murraymint, i get & have had the same kind of thing for many years, but i always lickend mine to a giroscope in my head that had gone a little (p#$@ED) drunk, off balance. but when the eyes car’t focus i try to close my eyes quickly tur n my head open my eyes & refocus, its worked 4 me 4 a long time, give it a try!! good luck…


Thanks for the reply - it hasn’t returned since Tuesday, so fingers crossed it doesn’t come back.

Murraymint x

Hi Murraymint

I have the same thing occasionally. Sometimes my eyes won’t fix - I completely understand Julien’s giroscope explanation! For the longest time I couldn’t read a book.

I had ON a couple of years ago and when my sight started returning I has serious problems focusing - a bit like a video camera “panning too quickly”. Shopping in the supermarket aisles was a nightmare - information overload!

Now things are a bit better, but not completely gone. To add to that, I have the new problem of needing varifocal glasses which means I have to move my head to focus. But that isn’t a MS problem - it’s just being middle-age!

Emma x