Brain quake !!

I am going through a very stressful time just now and 12 weeks into a relapse that wont ease up much at all.For last few days i get what i can only describe as an earthquake feeling in my brain that only lasts seconds,but feels longer it really freaks me out and when its happened it leaves me feeling very shakey,has anyone had this at all, its a strange one i know lol.

hi mrs j

i haven’t had an earthquake but have loads of freaky things going on.

cuddle up somewhere nice and have everyone wait on you.

feel better soon (that’s an order)

carole x

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Yes! Yes! I thought I was the only one!

It is like a quake or mini explosion going through one side of the head. That’s the best description I’ve been able to come up with too. At it’s worst I was getting hundreds a day and they triggered bouts of trigeminal neuralgia. It took me a while to get under control with medication. It’s not as bad now but I still need medication, but at a lower dose, to keep it under control. I take a mix of gabepentin and carbemazepine.

It’s a very disorientating feeling so I hope you are feeling much better soon.

A doctor mentioned to me head tremors can be a symptom of MS. I have read that anxiety can cause head shaking in sleep. I have experienced this before and awoke from head shaking in my sleep. I was stressed and anxious at the time.

its not that my head shakes,its my brain that shakes inside my head, my head doesn’t move when i get it.its so scary.

i thought i was the only one too Shuffler.its awful.

It is awful isn’t it? I’d mention it to your ms nurse. Meds sorted it out for me although it took some trial and error and time to find the right dose.

I still get them if I don’t take the medication and that’s 2 years on, mind most of my symptoms seem to hang around. I think my consultant is beginning to think SP from what he said at my last appointment.

I hope it stops soon or you manage to get something sorted out to offer some relief from them.

Thanks i hope it stops soon, the other day it was happening quite often,yesterday only had 2.I am trying not to let it get me down and trying to stay calm,but is hard .I haven’t told a dr or a neuro yet, they will think im mad if i tell them i have brain quakes.But i will tell the neuro when i next see him if i am still having them.

I have been having a feeling of an earthquake in my brain with a disorientation feeling and realize it is happening. It is very Scarry and it is happening more often. Sometimes I feel like my body is froze when it happened.