Servers active , rrms recent relapse

Unfortunately I got diagnosed in 2008 with servere active rrms, I’ve since had roughly 8-10 relapses I’m only 26 with a 11mo daughter. Last week my monthly relapse was due back round & boy it arrived, but im currently goin on glenya, had to come off tysabri due to time commitment. I rushed to Salford Royal a&e to start the procedure of remission I’ve been on oral methyl-pred for 5 days taking 5tablets daily until end of cours, I’ve completed it but still deteriorating still no sign of 0.1% strength in rightside upper limbs. I’ve left multiple voicemail msgs trying to contacting my ms nurse & no reply. Can anyone suggest what I should try now? I really need to get better to help my girlfriend & be here for my family around this festive season

all help & suggestions welcomed. Thanks MSers


hi martin

sorry to hear that your ms is being a b*tch

maybe you could try your consultant’s secretary? leave a message there if you get voicemail.

i’m certain that your presence will help your girlfriend, even if you are unable to offer practical help.

the festive season certainly doesn’t help when you are trying to get an appointment.

try to enjoy the time.

take care and feel better soon

carole xx

Hiya martin

Whilst I understand your desire to help within your family the situation is not a medical life threatening emergency.

I would just sit it out, frustrating as that may be. What’s the alternative? Be admitted? I guess that would be worse for u and family!

Please don’t think that I don’t understand-i do! Do whatever you can to rest and forget about expectations-your own and others. Focus on being together-thats the immediate thing I’d to do.

Take care, of yourself and ur family.


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