Sense of taste

Hi all.

I’ve had PPMS for 13 years now and recently noticed that I think I’m losing my sense of taste when eating. Does anyone else have this symptom?


Hi Steve. I was diagnosed last November but the neurologist said I’ve probably had ppms for about 8 years. My sense of taste is definitely getting worse… I have to have two spoons of coffee in a cup instead of one and I also find I’m using salt on my food which is new for me. I used to have a really good sense of smell too and it’s useless now. I’m 54 so I don’t know if it’s ms or old age haha… Karen

Hi Steve I was diagnosed with PPMS about 12years ago but thinking back I think I had been suffering with symptons about 3 years before that, at that time I had lost my sense of taste completely and probably about 70% taste. I need food to taste either very sweet or spicy. Mark Mark

I’m the same Mark… loads of chilli sauce, soy sauce or sweetener and plenty of herbs and spices. I also have loads of vinegar on fish and chips and I never used to use it… very strange isn’t it. Karen