self employed carers


who here uses self employed carers, as opposed to carers being on payroll?



Hi Poll, to be quite honest I know of a lady up the road from me (cos she lives next door to my daughter) has in self employed carers. 1 problem that happened recently, was the carers didn’t keep very good care plans, & info was getting left out. She had to go to hospital by ambulance & the paramedics couldn’t make head nor tail of them. I think they were pulled up on it, but at the time, the paramedics had no idea of what tabs she had taken, care received or what help she had been given. The carers are lovely that go to her, I’m not slating that, but I’m not sure if they are bound by the same training rules as on the books 1s. I know they have to do the usual checks on them, but as far as record keeping they were bad. Obviously not all are the same. Anyone can set any business up, so be careful!!! I’m sure you will vet them thoroughly though Tracey xx

Me again Poll! I have just been reliably informed self employed carers don’t even need to have CRB checks, unless you request them off them, unbelievable! They are only advised to get public liability insurance. If your local authority is paying for them though, I’m sure they will insist on CRB checks, just can’t believe how easy it is for people to randomly set up businesses! xx

I have self employed PA’s. They are both awsome and do a great job. Works out cheaper in the long run and you don’t have to do any boring, complicated paper work. Feel free to ask any questions xxx

Thanks for your replies girls.

My question wasn’t because I’m thinking of getting self employed cares, as I already have them.

One, my lovely Bev, who you may have seen my exaltations of, has been with me for 6 years and is incredible!

My other girl has been with me for just a few months.

But my Direct Payment manager has informed me I can no longer have self employed carers. They have to be on payroll.

I’ve been told I have to sack them!!! It will mean less money for them.

OMG! We are having a meeting on Tuesday with the DP manager for her to explain everything!

What a worry, eh?


Oh my gosh! That’s awful. So glad I am not in that situation. I pay my PA’s out of my PIP, so totally different situation for me. Really hope you can find a suitable solution. You really don’t need that amount of stress xxx

Why would you have to do that ? If it’s a direct payment you should be able to do anything with it that meets your needs as per support plan and is legal… I’d look up your councils direct payments policy or ask them for it . Plus if a council makes any policy charges that impact in customers they must consult and have completed an ehria ( equality and human rights impact assessment) it drives me mad when social workers etc start to re write the rules !

Rant over . Do your research and challenge …

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Just a thought … do they only work for you ? If so it will be hmrc and workplace pensions driving their advice

I would challenge the social worker on it. Lots of people have ad hock arrangements it your care that is the important thing.

Damned busy bodies drive you mad, where is the common sense in there?


I know, it’s really hard to get your head around!

It isn’t a social worker who I’m dealing with, it’s my Direct Payments care plan manager.

Back in 2014 I was sent a memo, I was told yesterday, which told me I couldn’t continue to employ self employed carers.

But the memo had lots of other information​ and I didn’t read, see, take note of that part…my own fault!

It is the council/ social services who pay me to pay my carers, but although I can use it however I need​ it, I do have to abide by their rules.

Has no-one else on DPs been told the same re self employed carers?


Poll Just looked it up on the Kent local authority website to save saying same again links below but challenge the need for you to be paying their tax etc but do read the links below. It cant change much form are to area.


well the meeting went well. the DP lady was really nice and as helpful as possible.

she`s doing her best to keep my Bev on a decent wage and by my side.

I`m going with a new accountant who will take my DPs and operate them for me.

Their fees are included in my package.

Yeh, it`s good.

But she impressed that if I know anyone who is a self employed carer paid via Direct Payments, then self employment is not a good idea.


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Poll I’m of no use here but I just wanted to say thank you for talking about all this so we all have the opportunity to learn with you. Your help and experience is invaluable. Bev is lucky to have you by her side to (as well as the lovely Mr Poll) xx

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I’m relieved that it wasn’t as dreadful as you had been expecting. Nice social services lady. At least you get to keep your lovely Bev, and her money won’t be going down quite as much as you’d thought it might.

Sue xx

Hi Polls

re you comment above on paying employers NI contributions - I don’t know enough about it but do look in to the Employers NI allowance as it may save you a bill.

I work for a small business including payroll duties, and we have an allowance of £3000 per year to cover our contributions. We employ 20 people (part time) and it is enough to cover all of our annual contributions.

Thank you.