Employing a PA

I’m sure this is a subject that has been raised before but could not find it. Direct Payments has disappointed once again and we are looking at hiring a PA. Pretty okay with the admin entailed except for finding a payroll provider.

Anyone worked with the Rowan Trust? Penderells Trust? National Payroll? We are having to self fund so this is nothing to do with Direct Payments, thus council no help.

Hello. so sorry to hear DPs woudnt help you.

I use them to pay for 2 carers. One is on Payroll and we used AK Payroll in Huddersfield. the other carer is from an agency. She is lovely, but the agency is crap. They charge £18 an hour and she gets £8. My other carer gets £9.60 an hour and pays tax, insurance and towards a pension.

Looking for the right PA is a nightmare. My long term one came highly recommended by another wheelie user, so I was really lucky. She`s been with me for over 6 years.

My other carer has only been with me for around 10 weeks, but is so kind and caring too.

I have 26 hours plus 2 sleepovers a week. They do all my personal care, outings, holidays and light housework.

Hubby and I would struggle to do it now.

Good luck and if I can help with anything else, please ask.

If you like, you can pm me.


Hi, I have a PA. I use my PIP to pay her. I don’t employ her direct as such. I buy a service from her, as you would a plumber. So she is self employed, that way, she does all the paperwork, which I couldn’t cope with. I pay her £12.50 an hour.

DP granted the sum total of 6 hrs personal care. (Ha!) Which i shall hang on to and for which i use an agency. Its early am calls and you struggle to find one preson to do those hours every flippin day.

My partner has kidney disease andis on dialysis, at home, 4 days a week. He’s been granted zero hours which is pretty shitty. So to help us both out we need to employ someone out of our own funds. Boudicca - is AK Payroll purely a local firm to you?

I’ve managed so far drawing up the job description, advertising on Gumtree and other sites. Got some interest. We both have had experience employing while DP was paying, but when you self fund you either find a payroll provider or have to do the tax and finance yourself. I know thats not my forte, so looking for good payroll provider.

Yeh, AK is a local firm, but the DP bods recommended them to me and they have a good reputation.

DP provided me with a list of carers who have asked them for work.

I was told I cant employ self employed carers anymore…if you do you are liable to pay employers insurance contribution at quite a high rate.


I used Penderals Trust very good and helpful. the trouble i found with getting a PA was the people who wanted to do it, didnt want to do it through the books. Honestly because it was only at the time 6 hours a week, then it was increased to ten, but after my advert i had 50 people apply and not one person who wanted an interview as they wanted to paid by hand. Then a few days later an older lady came to my house and she ended up being with me for 7 years and although she has retired, she has been a long term friend to me. My other PA i got from an advert with Penderals and she has been with me for a year now a younger lass very very good too and very reliable.


I use Penderels Trust, and haven;t had any problems. My PA emails his timesheet to them each month, and they send me a payslip a couple days later. They also take care of anything that HMRC need to know (which is great, as I wouldn’t have a clue what to do with anything like that!)


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I don’t understand this. My PA is self employed, but she isn’t working directly for me. I am buying a service from her, like you would a plumber. So I don’t have to pay her insurence, she pays her own xxx

Hi, I found this so difficult to get my head round. Someone came out from DIrect Payments and explained it to me and my then self employed carer.

Because she comes to me on set days every week, she cannot be classed the same way as a plumber…because he wouldnt keep coming to you on a long term basis. This makes you her direct employer.

This thing about her paying her own insurance is also confusing.

The insurance SHE pays is different to the insurance you as an employer pays.

It is in the breakdown of how DPs allowance is to be spent memo.

I know it`s a minefield Bex, but it scared me enough to finish my carer as self employed and re-instate her on payroll.


​I also have a carer from an agency. The agency is the employer, so although they charge more, they deal with all the insurances etc.

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