Being forced to become an employer

I have always until recently received my direct payment from the ILF, but now it has been passed to my local council (Bexley) who are forcing me to become an employer and therefore deal with all the issues and problems that involves, or employ agency staff and paying up to double, and therefore cutting carers time! Is anyone else having this problem?


I’ve always been on Direct Payments, so don’t have direct experience of what’s happening with you. However, I’ve found it to be a great system. I make use of Penderels Trust, who take care of all the official stuff. My carer sends his timesheets to them each month, and they issue a payslip. They also do all the tax stuff, and tell me if/when anything needs to be paid to HMRC. I think they can assist with things like contracts, although I’ve never needed that. I also have an employer’s liability insurance with Fish Insurance. The cost of Penderels’ admin fees and the insurance are included in my direct payment. The money goes into a bank account each month, and all I need to do is pay the salary, admin fees & the insurance policy whenever Penderels/Fish tell me, and also complete a simple audit form twice a year for my council, showing all the outgoings of my direct payment account.

Have you spoken to your social worker about it? I’d make a list of all the questions you have, and hopefully they should be able to answer them.


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Thanks Dan, I’ve never heard of Penderal, but after a quick look at the website they seem ideal.


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Hi, been on direct payments for 4 years now.

Recently I was told the council will not be paying my accountants to do the payroll and issue payslips. I have to pay it out of my existing allowance.

It`s £300 year. So if this is the case for everyone, then my council has saved a shed load of dosh, havent they?

I use 3 carers…1 is self employed, the other 2 are on payroll. I issue cheques to all 3. I pay taxbills for the 2 on payroll.

I am an employer, but wont have to do anything about the new pensions for employees on £10k+, as they dont earn that much.