self dosing not good

Morning all.

having had very poor sleep for the last however many months, with my bladder waking me up every 2/3/4 hours at night, I decided to up my amitriptyline by 25mg. My regular dose is 75mg and I used to take 100mg, a few years ago and enjoyed beautiful sleep.

Yes, I know youll tell me off for doing it, but I didnt see thered be any danger in doing so.

Anyway, it hasn`t worked. I took the extra for 4 nights…with no better sleep and a fuzzy head in the mornings.

Ill go back to my regular dose and see. I reckon this funny` head is down to my nervousness for Thursday…my spc op.

I keep telling myself about the many benefits of not being ruled by a naughty bladder.

Hope you`re all doing the best you can chums.

luv POllx

Hi Poll,

I’m sorry it didn’t work, but no, I’m not going to tell you off. I wouldn’t worry too much about “experimenting” if I knew I was still well within the maximum dose for a particular drug, and had taken a higher dose previously, without harm.

The only trouble is, if it worked, I’d have to confess to the doctor anyway, because my drugs (like everyone’s, I assume) are only prescribed at the rate I’m supposed to be taking them. So if I decided to raise the dose on my own initiative, I’d just run out faster, and have to explain why I was asking for my repeat early.

I don’t think there’s much chance of just raising it, and nobody noticing. Although some of my prescriptions are quite loosely worded now, to give me discretion. They say things like: “Take one or two tablets, up to four times a day”. So I can vary it quite a lot without sounding any alarm bells, but I couldn’t persistently exceed the range without questions being asked.



I am very, shall we say, “gung ho” on the self medicating front. I vary my doses all the time without consulting anyone, just as long as I’m not over the maximum dosage. Paid the price once though by deciding to wean myself off Amitriptyline and start taking Bacolen - a very unhappy 24 hours ensued with my going to the toilet every 30 minutes for that period! :confused:

Hope you feel better soon Polly and good luck for Thursday :slight_smile:

Hi Poll

I don’t think there’s any harm with playing around a bit with the dosage either, especially if it’s a dose you’ve previously been okay with.

I do the same with a couple of my drugs - my prescription says one thing but I can take less if I can get away with it but if symptoms are worse I can a little more. This doesn’t just apply to MS drugs - it also applies to my asthma and rhinitis medication. Aslong as I’m not ordering it on repeat prescription too often, it doesn’t seem to concern my surgery.

It’s a shame it didn’t work for you. Amitriptyline can help us to sleep but I reckon your body is too used to it now so an extra 25mg didn’t make a difference. Hopefully, once Thursday is out of the way, you will get back to your regular sleeping pattern.

Good luck for Thursday, am I right in thinking the spc will hopefully make UTIs less likely?

Tracey x


Tina, you are always so sensible about everything!

Tracey, and Tweacle, makes me feel better about tweaking my meds when others do the same.



I sometimes wish I wasn’t always so sensible - or at least, that I hadn’t always been, before I got ill. I never really had any “wild” days, and it doesn’t look as if I’ll be having them now, as neither health nor funding permit.

It’s nice (sometimes) to be known as “the sensible one”, but I wonder if I’ve missed out. I remember, even at school, one of my classmates saying: “You’re always sensible!”. At the time, I took it as a compliment (I think it was meant that way), but looking back, I wonder if it is. Nobody wants: “She was sensible” as their epitaph, do they? Although I suppose it could say worse things. :wink: