Hi everyone. I’m back after quite a while away. I’ll recap…after having MS symptoms and my dr being convinced it was ms too, I was diagnosed with (apart from the brain damage I had from the biological drug I was on for Crohn’s disease) Hemiplegic migraines. I didn’t think anything more of it. I thought “that was a close one” and counted myself lucky. Since then, I’ve been diagnosed with heart disease ( actually caused by Crohns) and every year I’ve had weird relapses that match MS. I’ve been to my dr, he thinks it is, I’m waiting to see my neurologist (which as we know takes ages). My thing annoying me, apart from the vertigo, the spasticity, etc is I’ve started to have seizures. The first one I had was scary as I was aware the whole time, I just couldn’t control what my body was doing. I’ve since had absence seizures and a full blown shaky job which I had in bed and woke up to. That was the worst one as I couldn’t move for about 10 minutes after it. My doc knows about all this and doesn’t seem too worried. Am I worrying for nothing? Appreciate your views on this one please x