seen neurologist- is it normal...?

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Seen neurologist this morning, he was very casual and didn’t make anything out of my symptoms, shocking! He thinks my symptoms are not related to each other and not severe enough to be ms, however, just to assure me he is sending me for brain MRI and nerve conductivity test ( I decided to do it privately as I cannot wait in my current state of mind), he doesn’t see the necessity to send me for anything urgent… What is the protocol, are they supposed to tell if they suspect MS or are they supposed to tell us it is not until they see a proof, brains scan etc, just to make us feel better? He just didn’t seem at all concerned, even though I failed my vertigo test ( he asked me to close my eyes and walk in the spot, I ended up on the front wall), but it is not his life on steak. What should I make out of this visit, he wrote everything down, he doesn’t think my horrible stomach rumbling for the last week is anything to do with anything, my pins and needles don’t last long enough, my numbness at night is nothing to do with ms,just my nerves and position of sleeping, my slight vertigo is to do with my ears, what do you think?

I know I will not be convinced until my scan comes back clear but somehow I don’t feel reassured after to day’s visit at all, do the doctors lie until they know for sure not to worry us???

Personally, I think it would have been very premature and wrong of him to start talking MS with you, before he had seen ANY evidence - e.g. as you say, in the form of brains scans etc.

At the moment, even if he suspects MS, it will just be one of more than a hundred things it could be, so what is he meant to do? Read you the whole list, on the principle that whatever it turns out to be is bound to be on there somewhere?

It’s not possible to diagnose MS from a single consultation. Diagnosis is complex, challenging, and can take months, or (sorry) even years.

Although it’s often quoted as: “The most common disabling neurological disease among young adults”, it’s still not very common, for all that.

Most people who present with symptoms similar to yours will not turn out to have MS. I’m not saying you don’t have it, or that it’s nothing (Perhaps one of the other 100+ things?), but I don’t think it’s fair to assume you’ve been wronged or lied to, just because he didn’t rush to the conclusion you have MS.

He is doing all the right things by ordering further checks, but I don’t think he’s being negligent or deceitful by not getting too fixated on MS just yet. It’s his duty to consider all possibilities - not just what you think you’ve got.

I think maybe you had too high expectations of how many answers you could expect from a first visit. Usually, it’s not many, but you got a positive result, in that he doesn’t think you’re “being silly”, and is going to investigate. That’s about as much as you can expect, at this stage - it’s unlikely he would preempt the test results by venturing a diagnosis.

Rest assured, your life is not “at stake” even if you had MS - it’s not fatal. These forums are full of people with MS - many of whom have had it years.


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Hello Margaret,

I recall from one of your earlier posts that you seemed quite convinced you have MS (jus an observation) and it may be that you had an idea in your mind of what the appointment would be like. I can understand being anxious (I like you have not been diagnosed) and I try to be rein in thoughts, as really the only person who can make a diagnosis of anything is a doctor. I really can’t believe a doctor would lie - why would they? They are looking into things for you, which is the right way to go. It could be that many of us who have neurological symptoms will go on to be told its something completely different to MS and I believe it’s important to try to remember this.

I had my first neurology appointment and one of things the doctor said is that they don’t diagnose MS unless there have been more than ‘episode’ of symptoms. My words, I can’t remember the exact term they used. So there may not be quick answers for your answers even after your tests.

Try to keep busy and not focus too much on all this. Easier said that done I know, and I’m not saying it’s easy for me either. I just think it helps to try to put things in perspective. Your doctor is sending you for further tests - that’s a sign of good doctor who is trying to find out what’s wrong, not someone who is lying. Hang on in there and take care.