First neuro app

Hi all

Just wondered about your first neuro app , did the neuro say what they suspected you had ? I’ve had various things told to me but am still waiting for a neuro app. I hate waiting !

Hi, on your first visit & after examining you, the neuro will need to have the evidence of many more tests, mri, bloods etc. before he’ll (possibly) be able to give you a diagnosis, all this can take a very long time & can’t be rushed.

MS is notoriously difficult to diagnose as the symptoms can mimic lots of other things, your neuro will need to be certain before saying what he thinks is wrong…you’ll need to be very patient.

Good luck

Rosina x

Waiting for my first neurologist appointment too my gp mentioned ms to me so she has sent a referral .

No Neurologists like to keep information to their chests almost deliberately, as there are a lot of diseases and conditions that can mimic MS and they like to run a battery of tests, depending on how you present.

Be honest and open with your Neuro and be prepared to wait for all sorts of tests, they may well even send you away if your symptoms have only presented once. Be persistent and keep records.

My mum asked whether it could be MS at my first neurology appointment and my Consultant said it could be but that there were also lots of other things it could be and that he would be Mad to say before I had been investigated properly starting with an MRI of my Head and C Spine (I had upper motor neuron signs on my Neuro exam and abnormal leg reflexes too). Mum did also ask about Parkinson’s because of me getting the shakes on exertion and he said definitely not that.

You can always ask them yourself at least if they definitely don’t think it is they will probably say. Ask any questions you have, write a list to take with you.

Snowqueen x

Thanks for all your replies :slight_smile: x

At my first appointment my neurologist made sure I was aware that MS is the prime suspect. This was after taking my history and assessing reflexes and so on. It has been useful in coming to terms with things whilst waiting for my MRI, and in helping me see that this is not going to be a quick journey to diagnosis. As Rosina says, we need to be patient.

Good luck with your appointment, and ask as many questions as you can.

Do you know when the appointment is going to be yet? I know it’s hard waiting.

Snowqueen x

Hi Snowqueen is june 24th. But its subsequently been labelled as urgent. When I first went to gp all I had was a few pins and needles, now much worse. I havn’t heard anything. Its 8 weeks since first gp visit. Gp said she would look into it so hope I hear something soon x

Mine was requested urgent in November and the appointment was still not going to be until 11th May. I got around it by paying privately for my first appointment because I was getting worse. Hope you manage to get it brought forward at least your GP is helping.

Snowqueen x

Thanks snowqueen . Wow that’s a long wait ! Thought 18 weeks was max ? X

Thanks snowqueen . Wow that’s a long wait ! Thought 18 weeks was max ? X