Saw a neurologist for first time

I was referred by my GP because I was having numbness and tingling along with a lot of other symptoms. Had my first app today and to be honest I wasn’t really impressed.

He did some strength checks, reflexes and asked me to walk a bit (could not really do the hell to toe) but I was expecting him to do more. I mentioned vision changes and I thought he would check my eyes and sight but he didn’t. I thought he would ask me to perform some tests to test my dexterity, motor skills or whatever like the heel up the shin test and he didn’t…the whole appointment was maybe 7 mins…

He ordered an MRI but said if it comes back clear I have to go back to my GP.

I just feel like the test is going to be clear, especially as my symptoms have improved in the period between seeing my GP and seeing this specialist and that I’m not going to get any help with the symptoms when they come back…

I am so frustrated! :frowning:

Hi Morrigan. I get your frustration … But at least you have been somewhat tested and an mri is on the horizon, even if he did more tests that is the ptoto ok . Hopefully it is clear , as this makes a disease like Ms less likely !if not … Back to the gp and more tests I guess .

Unfortunately a lot of neuro symptoms are medical unexplained aswell ! Very annoying !

If this was the first neuro appointment he probably will want to see an MRI before exploring further. If these are your first batch of symptoms & they have already improved, sending you back to your GP was the right thing to do…if you ever have similar symptoms again then you’d need to go back to your GP & possibly be referred to the neuro again.

MS is notoriously difficult to diagnose, it mimics many other things, so your neuro can only play a waiting game until other symptoms show…or maybe you won’t get anymore. It can be very frustrating I know, & you’ll need a lot of patience…

Write down all your symptoms & keep a diary. It’s always good to tell your GP as then it’ll on your records for future use.

Good luck

Rosina x

Thanks for your replies!

I did have some these symptoms before a couple of months ago so I don’t know what to make of it. I believe I have fibromyalgia anyway which makes things complicated! :confused: