Seeking all MS indivduals - for a book !!!!

Hi All

I am seeking all MS sufferers, I have a somewhat ambitious idea … And I am calling on the people that regularly reach out to the MS Society forum to help me achieve this idea.

So what is my aim : I have contacted a mutual friend in the publishing field who has helped in publishing other books I have appeared in to assist me in compiling a book - an anthology of poetry which will have a collection of poems from people who suffer with the daily struggles of MS.

I want to capture the experiences that people have with MS have had, and I feel what better way to do this then through the power of word.

All funds from the book … If i can get enough support and people involved is for all funds of the selling of the book to go towards MS Society.

Anyone interested in putting pen to paper and feel they would like the opportunity to get involved in this project then please contact me either via this site

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hope to hear from you soon