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Hi Everyone,

My Mum has progressive MS and I know how hard she finds motivating herself on a day-to-day basis. I found what really helps her is when I would text or email her (I live abroad so can’t always see her) with ideas of things she could do for the day - for example exercises I’d researched or meals she could make that avoided gluten for example. I don’t do this everyday obviously but it seems to have a positive effect.

This got me thinking… what if I did this for MS sufferers in general? If it helps her, then it might also help others.

So, here’s my idea - I’m considering making a newsletter that I would send perhaps weekly or monthly (or daily even?!) for a very small fee per month to cover my costs with bulk email programs, web hosting, this kind of stuff. I’d also plan to donate a portion of the monthly fee to MS charities.

I’ve made a survey online to gauge if this would be something that people might be interested in. I’d REALLY appreciate it if maybe you could help me and fill it out. It’s in $ and a bit American as that was the limitation of the program but it’s only a few questions so will take no more than 2 minutes.

If you could spare a couple of minutes, please take a look here: http://app.getresponse.com/survey.html?u=BPxrM&survey_id=505605

Thanks in advance


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