Not diagnosed with anything yet.

I’m somewhat claustrophobic, although I’ve managed body mri before (my head didn’t go into the machine so I could look up into the room).

On Tuesday (late afternoon) I am having a brain MRI, the neurologist has given me a prescription for a sedative to use if I want, but I’m not sure what to do… the control freak in me says don’t take it, you want to know what’s going on, but I also don’t want to freak out and muck up the procedure. I’ve read that keeping eyes shut helps, and when I last had a body mri I found using some mindfulness techniques really helpful.

If I take the sedative am I likely to sleep through the experience, and also how long will I be affected by the drug? (I know I’d need someone else to drive).

Any input would be really helpful, thanks.

Why not toss a coin and see how you feel about the result? I do find that my response to how such a coin-toss has gone can tell me how I really feel about something. If the result has made me happy and relieved, there’s the answer. If the result has mad me uneasy and inclined to try for best-of-three, then that’s useful information too!

The eyes-shut plan is a good one in my experience, whether you decided to go for the sedative or not. I shut mine as soon as I’ve clambered on the sliding trolley thing, and keep them firmly shut until they slide me out. I’m not particularly claustrophobic, but don’t care to find out how I would feel in there with eyes open.

GOod luck with the procedure.


Thank you. I’ve managed to have a phone chat with the department this morning and have decided to take the sedative as they have told me that my head will be in a helmet thing too, I will also opt for eye mask! Thanks

Last MRI I had was brain about 2 months ago, in scanner for about 10 mins. Helmet thing was ok and they talked to me all the way through. Hope it goes ok Mel x

That sounds a sensible precaution, particularly as you have not been through this particular drill before. No use taking chances, when the priority (as you say) is to get the job done.

Good luck.


when I have a scan there is a small angled mirror on the helmet thing so that you can see out and into the control room - I find it helps to be able to see the people running the scan and to know they haven’t just put you in the machine and then wandered off

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