Second trimester pregnant and already worried about delivery :/

Hi all :slight_smile:

It is my first pregnancy and I am very happy about it since we were trying for 2 years. I just would like to ask all the children having Ladies, how have you survived labour? C-section, epidural, forceps, etc? If you had C-section how long did it take you to recover? The same question relates to natural labour? For how long did you managed to breastfeed? So many questions… Ehhh worried about everything :confused:

Hello Wroblesia,

​congratulations on your forthcoming event. Try to stop worrying about what may or may not happen. I had a C-section 28 years ago so I can’t comment on how things are today but I’m sure things have improved greatly. So far as breast feeding is concerned it’s a doddle but, if you do find it difficult there are things that can help you. So put all these negative thoughts out of your mind and think of the joy you will feel when you are holding your new little bundle of joy. When is the baby due, do keep us up to date?



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Hi i was put to sleep at 38 weeks and given a csection because i was relapsing didnt feel any pain after baby is now 8 months when i had my 1st i had a csection awake i didnt have ms then recovery took months i think it depends on the surgeon. Congrats x

Also i didnt have a epidural the consultant said with ms they advise nothing goes into spine and asked if id rather be asleep x

You convinced me, but I will still ask my consultant. Thanks for advice anyway :slight_smile:

Thanks Janet :slight_smile: Baby is due on 11 of May 2015. I will love this baby with all my heart… I am just worried about MS, fatigue, pain and delivery… I guess we’ll just see! I think I want to talk to my neurologist anyway. But one more time thanks:)


I was dx RRMS in June and my first is due 18th Feb. So I know exactly how you feel.

I was referred to a consultant obstetrician because of my MS diagnosis and I see her every few months just to check up on my pregnancy and MS symptoms. Been having a lot of bladder problems, so I am actually back to see the consultant today to discuss.

The consultant has also recommended a “normal” labour (no c-section) but would like me to have an epi. She said this is so I can sleep through some of the labour!!

Since I was already pregnant when diagnosed, I have not been given any DMDs as yet. But my MS nurse has suggested I start taking Tecfidera a couple of weeks after the baby arrives. That way I can breastfeed for a couple of weeks to give the baby colostrum, and then I can switch to formula so I can start treatment.

I think if I had been adamant I wanted to breastfeed for longer, they would have allowed me. But the risk of relapse after childbirth is quite high (although not certain by any means), so I want to start taking the DMDs fairly quickly.

Anyhoo, if you want to chat or send me a private message - please feel free! We can be bump buddies :slight_smile: I can also let you know how I’m getting on after the birth if you would find it helpful.

Wishing you the best of luck with your pregnancy.

PG xx

May I ask in what way were you relapsing? What particular symptoms did you experienced? Sorry for this kind of question but I am a scientist and I would like to understand everything before if may happen to me. I do know that it is impossible to have such a knowledge however it is just good to know!