Pregnancy, Birth choices and post-birth effects

Hi All,

My wife & I are expecting our first baby in September (we’re both very, very excited!). My wife’s specialist recommended, well insisted, that she should opt for an elected C-Section, rather than a natural birth, and we’ll obviously heed his advice!

I just wanted to find out from others that had been through pregnancy & birth, whether natural or C-Section, how either pregnancy or the birth affected you, and also whether there were any immediate things to keep an eye out for post-pregnancy?

My wife, touch-wood, has very mild MS (RRMS), and has been told she will need to get back on Rebif straight after the C-section, and back on the full dose (no easing her back in!). Does anyone have any experience of going straight back onto a full dose of Rebif after pregnancy, and how it impacted you?

I want to ensure that as soon as our baby is born, I have all the information available to me, to properly look after both baby and mother, particularly with her healing from a C-Section, and being back on the meds!

All help, is as always, very much appreciated!


hi dan

i refused a c-section with my 2nd child who was breech.

it was bloody awful, i had a starring role in the exorcist.

head rotating 360 degrees, speaking in tongues, green vomit.

so at least you will be spared that.

as far as getting back on her meds straight away - check with her midwife - but i’m pretty sure she won’t be able to breast feed.

congratulations in advance

carole x

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Hi Dan, or anyone else- do you know why your wife’s specialist suggested a c section ? Is that normal for MS patients ?

Hi I have had 2 babies. First was a natural birth attempt that ended in an emergency c section as she got stuck!! My second was an elective as he was 9lbs 11! I had no problems recovering from either I wasn’t on rebif though and took mainly my advice from the obs and gynae team. She won’t be able to breastfeed if she goes straight back on the rebif. Biggest piece of advice is get some dinners in the freezer so that you have some good nutritious dinners. Take care and good luck

Hi, I wasn’t told I needed a c section (ended up with one cos she got stuck) but they were happy for me to deliver any which way I wanted. I opted to breast feed, I shouldn’t have done - I should have gone straight back on to treatment. So, in my opinion your wife has made the best choice to go straight back on to Rebif. In terms of helping her and baby out, one of the benefits of not breastfeeding is that she will be able to rest whilst you get to enjoy feeding the baby as well. A C section is a big op, so rest (I know its hard with a new baby) and good nutrition is really important - but that will stand for both of you! Congratulations - its the best time having a new born. I would do it all over again 100 times if I could! x