Second Skin Lycra AFO for Footdrop

Second Skin Lycra AFO for Footdrop

I was with orthopaedic consultant on Friday and he mentioned that many of his patients with cerebal palsy find these must better that foot-up or carbon fibre AFOs. I told him that I was thinking of travelling to England to get a SAFO (silicon) one made at dorset orthopaedics. He thought the Lycra one would be better and more comfortable. Both the SAFO and Lycra AFO will have to be custom made. I think you have to go to Endinburgh to get the Lycra one made. The Lycra one also has toe slots to stop the toes curling under due to spasticity.

If you google “second skin Lyra AFO” you can see them.

Moyna xxx

Hi, thanks for posting this, as I am awaiting physio to come about my foot flop problems. My ankles get twisted when in bed and my feet look deformed!

I`ve had a quick google and not sure, but are they just socks to go underneath afos?

Dunno if I have misunderstood. Can you explain it for me please?

luv Pollx

What sort of price are these? Any ideas? I know the SAFO is dear! Teresa xx

Hi again. Just googled foot drop and seen summat that may help me/you. In the past I`ve been given 2 leg/foot braces. They were both bulky, heavy and uncomfortable to wear. They also came high up my calf and it hurts when I bend my knee.

What I`ve just seem look to be better…for night time use. In bed my feet flop forward and sideways, the ankle bones really ache…they look deformed!

Just google `foot drop brace``. The ones I am looking at are lower down the calf and are only £20!!!


After l fractured my ankle Poll - l was left with arthritis - very painful. The orthotist at the hospital provided me with a lace up boot type thing. Which looked and felt awful. l googled foot ankle supports - and ended up buying a little neoprene/velcro device - it fits like a figure of eight. Just supports the ankle - very comfy and easy to put on and off.

l do have a SAFO - for my MS drop foot - it is not the easiest thing to get on and off - but it does work and l can wear it in all of my shoes - and even in bare feet. Mine did cost £800 - about 6yrs ago. You need someone to take a plaster cast of your foot/ankle - as it is made just for you. The lycra ones sound similar. A good orthotist can take a plaster cast for you and arrange for it to be made without you having to travel miles. The orthotist who did mine came to the house and l sat with my foot in a bucket of plaster!!! lt was made by Dorset Orthotics - they just posted it to me.

Thanks everyone for your comments. I have no idea of price but it is definately not a sock to go under a brace. You can get them for arms with spasticity too. Thanks for that link Poll I will look into that.

Thanks for the advice Spacejacket about getting a cast made at home. I will look into that. I feel like getting one from Dorst because I have heard good repor.ts about them.

Thanks Moyna xxx