Orthotics for foot drop

Hi everyone hope you’re all OK I want to find a carbon fibre orthotic for foot drop. Previously I used the Ossur and currently the Saebo. The Saebo is better but I still trip and scuff. I’ve tried to use the FES through the MS Therapy Centres, but the spastic reflex (physio term) makes me unsuitable. Recently I’ve privately seen a Neuro physio who’s suggested a Carbon fibre support. They think it would cost about £300 but can’t recommend a company. I will also look at an NHS referral. So I thought I’d ask my peers I’m based in London and the South West Thanks in advance Adam

No personal experience, but seen these mentioned on other sites and there are a couple of videos.

Thanks Whammel that looks interesting. I’ve contacted the company. Regards Adam

Adam, I’ve used a SAFO since 2008. Very effective for me and very simple to use. I think my last one cost £800. First one lasted 8 years. SAFO: Silicone Ankle Foot Orthosis | Dorset Orthopaedic Derek

Thanks Derek,

I’m contacting them too.

Very helpful