splint for footdrop

going next week to see a orthotic,about a splint for foot drop,has anybody had experience of these,and do they help

Hi I have just got one today. Otto Block carbon fibre. I have been wearing it for about half an hour so far and it is comfortable. I will have to get used to it although I am definately not catching my foot as much. I have spasticity in my calf and so far I have noticed that I can walk downstairs with greater ease.

Good Luck - I got mine throught the NHS apparently they cost £350.

Moyna xxx

Hi !

Used a “Foot Up” brace for a short while (recommended & supplied by physio) - deisigned to only be used with lace-up shoes that had at least 6 lace-holes. Sadly, after a few months the ankle brace collapsed (…wasn’t made to take sustained strain) and the device was no use at all.

I now have an FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation) device which sends a small electrical current to the lower leg muscles that would usually control the angle of the foot, ensuring that the heel strikes the ground first.

Excellent device and definitely helps with walking. Would thoroughly recommend FES !!


l have used a SAFO - for many years - it is a silicone -ankle foot orthotic. lt has been brilliant. l did some years ago try a FES- but so fed up with the wires and sticky pads. BUT - l would love to try a WalkAide Fes as it is wireless. l have been waiting for about 6months for an appointment to see about one via the nhs. l do not hold out much hope of getting it funded so l might just take the plunge and go privately - l expect l could get a appointment for a trial within a week - so l make take the plunge.

Recently, l got - via the hospital - a foot brace - which you can wear without wearing lace-up shoes. lts a mass of black straps and velcro - and in the heat we have had this summer - not a friendly thing to wear. l can imagine it to be ok with long trousers and thick socks!! At least with the SAFO - you wear it straight onto bare feet. And you can wear it with all sorts of shoes - and it is ‘flesh tinted’.

Anyone had experience of a WalkAide - l know they are about £2500 - so it would need to be a really good aide before l purchased one.

Hi otto block pretty good but had to take it off after 2 hours because spastic calf muscles started to send pain messages off because they had been forced to stretch too much. As usual I think as with all these gadgets would work betxter if no spasticity was present in calfs. I tried FES too but as the calfs refused to relax no amount of FES stimulation would allow that foot to flex enough.

Spasticity really sucks !

Moyna xx