Second episode?

Hey guys , currently at a cis diagnosis. Have felt good for the last 6 months. Just had my yearly MRI at the start of the month, but as of yesterday started getting numbness on my left arm which has spread to my face. ( last time it was my whole right side) does this sound like a second episode? I’m quite worried and don’t have many people to talk to so thought I’d ask you lovely folk for advice. X

hi kelly

contact your ms nurse to inform him/her of this.

thiamine helped me with my numb face, maybe your gp will prescribe.

carole x

Hi Kelly

Definitely talk to your MS nurse. If s/he isn’t available, then try to get an appointment with your neurologist, phone their secretary to ask if this is possible.

If the symptoms get a lot worse, you could talk to your GP about a course of oral steroids. But if the symptoms remain sensory rather than motor, or debilitating pain, then steroids might be worse than just living through it.

But do try your MS nurse first.


Thanks for the replies, managed to get my original appointment moved, they’ve told me it’s the 31st of Oct. Typical I’ll get a scary diagnosis for Halloween. Suppose I’ve got to see the funny side . I think at least if it is MS then I have answers and can get a treatment plan in place.