Seb derm


Does anybody else have seb derm. Quite a common condition with people who have MS, I believe. I have it on my face and I manage it with Ketoconazole cream which is really good. I now have it in my ear, I think which is causing irritation, inflammation.itching and the most annoying, tinnitus.

I’ve had tinnitus for years and it doesn’t usually bother me. It’s just there but i have been quite agitated over the last few weeks and I am finding it really uncomfortable. A real pain the ass really.

So the question is. Does anyone have seb derm in the ear and how do you manage it?



hi adrian

i had never heard of sub derm (just googled it) but i had really annoying eczema behind my ears when first diagnosed with ms.

it itched like crazy and i’d absentmindedly rub it, producing a snowstorm of flakes.

then it would begin to weep and get crusty and sore.

i was prescribed fucibet many times. the more stressed i became the worse it got.

it took a couple of years to get rid of and so far it hasn’t come back.

thinking about it, it happened as i was going through the diagnosis process and cleared once i finished work.

i still get random patches of itchy skin and use double base gel as soon as i notice it.

hope your clears up soon

carole x

Thanks Carole,

Yes I get it on my face, since I had my first serious relapse but recently I have had it in my ear. Just realised last night what it might be, so tried the Ketaconazole cream on it and it seems to be working. It was inflaming my ear and making my Tinnitus a lot worse and making it really itchy. As I have been quite agitated over the last few weeks that has made it worse too. It seems to be better today. I have read that coconut oil is good for it too, as it has very good anti-fungal properties.

Thanks for getting back to me. I appreciate it. Have a good day.

Adrian :slight_smile:

Hi Adrian,

i have had eczema in and around my ears a few months after dx 7 years ago. I have never managed to fully get rid of it. Most of the time it is manageable but usually when I am stressed it can get really bad. A lot of it is my own fault as I won’t use steroid cream but I will have a go with coconut oil and see if that helps. It’s not a good look constantly itching and picking your ears. Thanks for the tip.

Mags xx


coconut oil is brilliant.

i used it on my hair when it went all dry like wool.

i put it on my toe nails because i have a fungal nail infection (doesn’t that sound gross?).

hope we all get clear ears

carole xxx

Hi Mags,

Keteconazole cream (Dactarin Gold) is brilliant. It’s pretty much gone already. I’m using coconut oil too. It might not be exzema, it could be seb derm. I used to get exzema ats the top of my arm, I got rid of it by changing to non-bio washing powder. Havcen’t ha d a problem since.

Adrian x

Yes. Mine has pretty much gone already. Didn’t realise what it could be. Made my tinnitus a lot worse as my sear was inflamed. Much better now (touch wood). :slight_smile: x