seat stick

Hello, can anyone recommend a folding walking stick that incorporates a seat? The stick would be for use when I get tired and balance starts to go, and to be able to sit when out and about. I have come across a Flipstick, which looks like it could be good. Any advice appreciated. Thanks.


Just a quick reply hopefully it might give you a idea.

Before I was diagnosed I used to be a clay shooter and I had a stick which went into a seat it is something that is quite common in the shooting side of things.If you have a gun shop nearbI I am sure you will get one there or maybe online hope this is a help.


Hi again

I have just looked online under shooting sticks and there is plenty to choose from.

Good luck.



I’ve got one but can’t remember where I got it from, somewhere like Mountain Warehouse or Blacks. It’s got an X frame and seat that folds up. Bit difficult to describe but it’s the height of a shooting stick but has a strip of fabric to sit on.

It has an aluminium frame with four legs . Shooting sticks rely on you supporting your weight on your feet. I need to take the weight off my feet so needed a seat. Mine is high enough to be able to chat to people and when folded I use it as a support.

Think they’re called quattro seats, google them. They’re about £50 but don’t think I spent that much, but well worth it.

Good luck

Jen x

Thanks for the replies. Ian