Scooters and car hoists - advice needed

Hi all, I have a Renault Clio Sport Tourer on order and am having a scooter hoist fitted as need assistance in getting about. I have looked at scooters and want one which I can not just go to shopping centres in but also paths around our local beauty spots. I have looked at Pride Go Go elite and shoprider paris and cameo. Not sure how they will fit in the car but have been advised that the Go go elite plus would not fit as too high with the seat folded down.

Has anyone got any thoughts on scooters, hoists - anyone got a sport tourer? - all comments gratefully received as I need the scooter now but the car is not due till after Xmas. Thanks Helen

Hope you get some replies from folk who have had the same problem. The lightweight scooters that fold down/take apart for putting in the boot

are not really suitable for more outdoor activities. Something inbetween would be the answer. l have a Tramper - which is virtually all-terrain.

l can get through fields and woods - mud and bullets!!! To-day, you can hardly see it for thick mud. l went off down the bridle-way which was churned up by last weeks fox-hunt. This morning a pheasant shoot was on.[ l should have worn a flack jacket.] My dogs love going out with the scooter. l do have a trailer to put the Tramper on and l can tow it with my car. Must not complain about the shoot - as they have invited me to the shoot dinner - tonight - at the village pub!!

TGA scooters are good. Very sturdy.



I have a mid size scooter shoprider Valencia and a large car Grand Jeep Cherokee and if I had a hoist it would only fit in with the back seats folded down or maybe just one. As I do not go out on my own anyway it is broken up into 4 pieces.

It is very sturdy for the uneven pavements around my area too.


Hi. I have a Go Go Elite and a car hoist. I have to fold down the handle bars and take off the seat (its not very heavy and pulls off easily). I find my scoot to be nice and sturdy. I drive, but am very limited with walking, so my hoist/scoot means I am able to get out on my own.


Do you have a local Mobilty centre, if so they would probably have all the necessary information, on which scooter would fit what car.

Would a small trailer be a possible alterative, as Campion, I have a class 3 scooter, with a trailer for transporting same, easy to load unload, as just drives up the tailboard ramp fitted to the trailer.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).