has any of you suffered from this condition my back has been sore for a number of days, and someone says it might be this when i looked on the internet, sure I had all the symptoms


When my leg lost strength and sensation during my last relapse, I got sciatica because I was walking wonky. It’s not often an MS symptom itself as far as I know, but can be triggered easily enough through lifting, bad back position, etc.

Pain of sciatica will be low down (below waist) and shoot down a leg usually as it’s a nerve that’s trapped or enflamed. Higher up back pain will be lumbago.

Either way, try to keep mobile but move gently, rest a bit, move a bit and don’t let it stiffen up.

thanks, I volunteer in CAB and on friday it was too warm decided to leave early and when i started walking my back hurt, hopefully can see the doctor tomorrow

thank you


well went to doctor it isbnt sciatica and she thinks it is more in line with my MS so no more sitting in extreme temperatures any more so volunteer on hold until they get the air con fixed

HI Trish,

It could also be an inflammation of the sacroiliac joint (the one that joins spine and pelvis). Took ages until doctors took me serious with that. Still don’t know if this is how it all started or if it started and then the inflammation happened (I never had a ‘classic’ MS episode and am still not properly diagnosed, but the MRI showed nerve damage in the spine and I have balance problems). After suffering for months, I could get rid of it quite easily with paracetamol (every 6 hours) and ibuprofen (every 8 hours). In any case, anti-inflammatories won’t do any damage if it’s sciatica. One test you could do (and I should note I’m not a medical professional, so I don’t know if any doctors would agree with me) is if you can stnd on your toes or not.

I hope you feel better soon, I know how painful this can be,



thanks MJ

Think it was the heat I volunteer for the CAB , however went in on friday and told them i will not be back until the weather gets cooler, doctor gave me good painkiller(anti-inflammitory) and they seem to me doing the trick however went to see the physio yesterday and after he worked on my back ended up in bed oh the joys, he also said yes it could be the heat, I was reading recently on days gone by prior to MRI and lumber tests they would put someone in a hot bath as it was a good indicator of MS if you could not cope with the heat

thanks for your reply